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2/16/20 -
Episode 96 : -
Former porno star funds Michael Bloomberg's Presidential Campaign as payback. Rhemus Helms claims his genital was infringed 11-23-93 when Michael Bloomberg offered to buy his porno production and distribution company for an inflated price and then invited him to the Rhemus Helms Toast of New York City party in a building associated with an impeached politician.

2/8/20 -
Episode 95 : -
Female celebrity chef infuses gourmet food with semen, and makes fried silk worms in a ghost kitchen in Hollywood.

2/1/20 -
Episode 94 : -
Sex robot did something obscene with bon bons and started the Coronavirus when Cheapvacationrentals.com tried to use the Delicious Devine sex robot to clean their rentals which included a mobile home in the Corona Mobile Estate Park.

01/25/20 -
Episode 91 : -
Witch hunt and inquest by the seven managers regarding the Chief Executive Officer of Senate Music Publishing is explored.

12/28/19 -
Episode 89 : -
Shirtless Dreidel game gambles for Soldier's genital back at nuru massage clinic. Round 2 slip and slide inside. Molly Machete, a former water boarder of the CIA, rearranges the location of this high roller dreidel game so it occurs at the Lucky 7 Tarzana nuru massage clinic run by the World Famous Nuru Nurse, Nazuki. The Golden Massage Oil awards for nuru nurses all over the world is also being held at the Lucky 7 Tarzana the same night.

10/06/19 -
Episode 77 : -
Outrageous comedy discloses Jamie from Episode 23 is the contractor who used a repurposed condom to waterproof the mixed use building in the Hollywood Hills we have heard about on Episodes 70, 71, and 76. Dombass the incompetent employment defense lawyer ends up representing Jamie even though he picked off his employees to sue Jamie when Jamie was remodeling the Lucky 7 Tarzana, nuru massage clinic.

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"My word! What a delightfully elaborate story line. I have been following on the radio since around May of last year. Whilst scrolling through the internet I stumbled across this familiar voice. I then realized that it was The, KARL GERBER! I urge you to make it more apparent so you mass of fellow followers can also view your masterful story telling in full."

"Enjoyed watching the video. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming video."

I've always enjoyed playing the kazoo after dinner.

"Me too! LOL."

"I urge you to publicize your Youtube Page more on the live radio so all can view the archives of the episodes. My wife and I both enjoyed tuning our old time vintage radio to Kabc while sitting on our porch drinking our homemade Arnold Palmers and watching the cars go by."

"This episode, rendered me, a grown man to tears at the beauty of this very story. Never had I heard such beautiful verse and prose. In all of my years of teaching at university I have never encountered a student with as much true wit and natural talent as you have exemplified here in this online media. Both my wife, Lydia and I were both speechless and dumbfounded by your mesmerizing tone. Never have I came across such a captivating speaker with such a broad tonal range, and with a voice as angelic as if The Holy One was speaking directly to us. I am unsure if you view your comments or not, but if you do, know that your talent has no bounds."

"Really like the channel! Just subbed."

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