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Witch Hunt & Inquest of Senate Chief Executive Officer - Comedy - KABC AM790, Fair Use Parody

Witch hunt and inquest by the seven managers regarding the Chief Executive Officer of Senate Music Publishing is explored on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 93 on KABC AM790. Alizon looks and claims she is 30 but was just getting started at Senate Music Publishing around the time a 1963 Beatles song, "I Saw Her Standing There" came out. It turns out Senate Music Publishing publishes one word songs that are one second or less in order to constitute fair use under the Copyright Act. Although Karl Gerber is licensed to practice law in Washington D.C. he declines to represent the young wicca because the rules in her impeachment inquest are too obscure. Molly Machete the most unethical workplace investigator comes on the show after hearing bits and pieces of it while getting a yoni massage by the Yoni Lady from Episode 91. Molly Machete advises the witch not to fear if it feels like she might drown when they are waterboarding her because Molly Machete acquired great experience waterboarding in what she refers to as, "The Bay" when she was in the CIA. This is unquestionably the best parody about the Trump impeachment trial, and fair use. It should be played in law school copyright classes, and enjoyed by political pundits. This is the craziest weekly radio comedy broadcast anywhere. This is not just a tribute to all things dark and goth. A man who made his fortune when his genital got infringed refers all guests. This crazy comedy episode was broadcast 1-25-20 over the Los Angeles airwaves.

Biggest Labor Law Issues for California's 2020 Workforce, Minimum Wage

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer talks about the biggest legal issues facing California's 2020 workplace. Heard January 18, 2020 at 7 PM PST on KABC Talk Radio AM790 Los Angeles. Gerber believes minimum wage is the biggest problem for the 2020 workplace. He believes there are too many different minimum wage laws depending on what city, county, or special type of job the employer is in. He believes the minimum wage hikes from 2014 to the present are too severe. The new minimum wage hikes have caused employers to drop the hourly rates of employees near minimum wage in order to comply with labor budgets. Many small businesses have closed due to these hikes. Customers have been reluctant to tip well due to these minimum wage hikes. Employees who are in tip pools have been forced to share a greater percent of their tips on the basis they are earning more per hour. A live caller called in and said he believed AB5, the new law about independent contractors, was the biggest challenge for the 2020 California workplace. Gerber agreed most people feel that way and it is certainly in the news these days. Some of the legal requirements for independent contractor classifications under AB5 were discussed. This was the first part of Episode 92 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show.

The Yoni Lady explains Yoni Massages and Yoni Steamings

The Yoni Lady from a cosplay ostrich ranch is a licensed tantra masseuse who does Yoni steamings for men and women. She also does pussy pampering parties for the Yoni. She heard Episode 90 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer show in which Rhemus Helms explained he might have to fire the Yoni Lady due to a lack of interest in her services, but more importantly AB5 which requires employees be treated as employees and not independent contractors. The Yoni Lady does take private clients at the tiny salon on Santa Monica Boulevard covered on Episode 56 of this show. She also does Yoni parties at locations such as the Ritz Carlton. She is licensed, although not by a government licensing agency. In fact, her pussy massages are illegal because she charges for them when not working for Rhemus Helms. After all, these are massages of the female sex organs intended to induce body shattering orgasms for women. The Yoni Lady is jealous of Nazuki the world famous nuru nurse so she keeps saying she hates her. There are also claims Rhemus Helms' procreating sex robots are being sold at the 99 cent store. This Episode 91 broadcast on KABC AM790 1-11-20. This is the strangest, most over the top radio show broadcast on a commercial radio station or anywhere else. This continuing radio series seeks to cover the most bizarre things and relate them to employment law. All guests are furnished by Rhemus Helms who made his initial fortune when his genital got infringed. This is the best Podcast of 2020 and the best comedy being made in America. You will hear the Yoni lady go from American to French to Hungarian and back a few times.

Introducing The Yoni Lady Comedy

Usher in the New Year learning about Yoni Masages. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer chats with Rhemus Helms about California's new employment laws until Rhemus Helms derails all normalcy and focuses in on having to fire the Yoni Lady at his cosplay ostrich ranch in Sun Valley, California due to AB5 the new California law about independent contractors. Gerber has no idea what a Yoni massage is. Yoni is a term for the female genital. Helms compares the Yoni Lady to the Mikveh lady, but Gerber disagrees. Helms forced Gerber to read reviews on the Yoni Lady. There are rave reviews on what she has done to a woman's genital and how great the endive appetizer are when she throws a pussy pampering party. It becomes apparent 2020 will be the year of pampering oneself no matter how absurd it is. This is America's craziest comedy. This was broadcast January 4, 2020 on KABC AM 790 7 PM PST. This is utter absurdity. Rhemus Helms allegedly sponsors this show through a generous grant from the Helms' Foundation's $5.14 Billion in Funding and 14 Inches of Endowment. Rhemus Helms made his initial penile seed money when his genital was infringed. He operates the cosplay Ostrich Ranch in Sun Valley, California where has a mile long bed. His worldwide distribution center in Fontana, California (shaped like a penis) manufactures the procreating sex robots that caused tiny earthquakes in Fontana due to large quantities of fluids seeping into the magna of the earth. The unauthorized Cindy D. model was recalled because men got stuck in her due to inaccurate descriptions she gave of her organs on re-run landline phone sex calls. Helms fathered Hinita Orchid Helms when he went to the Lucky 7 Tarzana Nuru Massage parlor to pay his gas bill and he wasn't prepared. The conception chair is in the Smithsonian due to Helms' fame and the fame of Nazuki, The World Famous Nuru Nurse. Helms contends on this episode Reverb, the whisper porn legend who can make men orgasm just be hearing her voice, is his daughter by immaculate conception. Talents like hers must originate with somebody with Helms' level of endowment. Due to the odd and rather exciting nature of her parents, Hinita Orchid Helms is susceptible to dying of boredom (although this happens repeatedly). That is why Nazuki, who is an Oxford graduate in ancient erotic literature with an emphasis on Asian erotica, speaks in broken English with a Japanese accent when her real drawl is proper British (she is a related search term to Yoko Ono maybe because both of their fathers were Japanese business men mostly living in England). Hinita Orchid Helms is able to create a scent used in candles that simulates the human sexual experience. It is a true treat to have Rhemus Helms on the show. This is Episode 90 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard every week without reruns at the times KABC Los Angeles believes the most number of listeners will hear. This isn't dark comedy. It is more over the top, no stops. The internet listenership of this show is worldwide, and has increased more than 50% in the last two months. There is nothing else like this outrageous comedy on the radio, on TV, in the movies, the internet, or any comedy club. This is the best radio comedy of 2018, 2019, and hopefully 2020..

High roller gambling at nuru massage parlor shirtless dreidel

Shirtless Dreidel game gambles for Soldier's genital back at nuru massage clinic. Round 2 slip and slide inside. Molly Machete, a former water boarder of the CIA, rearranges the location of this high roller dreidel game so it occurs at the Lucky 7 Tarzana nuru massage clinic run by the World Famous Nuru Nurse, Nazuki. The Golden Massage Oil awards for nuru nurses all over the world is also being held at the Lucky 7 Tarzana the same night. The shirtless dreidel game has to occur in the parking lot where incompetent employment defense lawyer, Dombass has a desk and the chair he thinks is the one Hinita Orchid Helms was conceived on during 1994ish when Rhemus Helms came in to pay a gas bill and was not prepared. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer goes to the high stakes dreidel game incognito as Rep. Duncan Hunter the disgraced Republican Congressman of the 50th Congressional District who recently was convicted of illegally using campaign funds for his own purposes such as a $125 or $625 plane ride (as reported by the fake media) for a rabbit. In this evil, high roller shirtless dreidel game Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M is in on, the stakes must be depraved. After all, Myron Alfomrba pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M is carrying the Soldier’s genital in a brown paper lunch bag and gambling it. Bernie Sanders is denied access because his loot is not enough and was legitimately earned money. Bernie Mahdoff is escorted by a Federal Marshall until 2 AM when he must return to Federal prison. Gerber has never actually been to a high rollers shirtless Dreidel game. He mistakenly believes the games start out shirtless whereas the loser merely loses his shirt. When Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M tells him he finds it odd he has started out shirtless, Gerber claims this is a West Coast thing. Alfombra claims he has been in the high roller dreidel circuit since 1982 and this is not true. Gerber, who is playing Duncan Hunter, claims this is a San Diego custom because the games happen in saunas. It is then claimed the second round of a West Coast game is slipping and sliding. Round one eventually starts after vying off for who goes first through a match of Indian Style Buzz which Gerber claims is discriminatory. In the actual dreidel game, Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M loses control of the soldier’s genital to Bernie Madoff. The Federal Marshall demands to start bringing Bernie Madoff back to Federal prison at 1:45 AM. An exchange is then made of Phil Specter. Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M declares the game is not for gambling memorabilia such as the gun Phil Specter held to John Lennon’s head. The Federal Marshall comes back because his GPS rightfully shows the Lucky 7 Tarzana is showing up as Reseda. Bernie Madoff is standing in the parking lot confused. He believes his gilt, the brown paper bag, is his lunch. Gerber claims it is his lunch. The rest of the group has run into the Lucky 7 Tarzana for slip and slide and/or pokie pokie. Madoff surrenders the brown lunch bag containing the Soldier’s genital when Gerber tells him he has a Katz Deli, Brooklyn pastrami sandwich in Dombass’ desk in the parking lot. Although Madoff has relinquished the bag, Gerber decides it is just too weird to pick up. Dombass buys it for $41,114 believing he is buying into an investment. This is the craziest comedy being produced on a weekly basis anywhere. It airs on KABC AM790 every week. This is Episode 89 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast 12-28-19 at 7 PM. This is the weirdest, funniest comedy out there for political comedy types, satire types, regardless of whether you are from New York, Los Angeles, like Jewish comedians, are into Aubrey Plaza, Frank Zappa, Al Sherman, John Waters, or anybody capable of pulling something off about 1/4 as crazy as this radio show.