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Soldier needs new genital; mother of phone sex & ASMR porn stars makes genitals

Dr. D., the mother of Cindy D. the Most Famous English Speaking Landline Phone Sex Operator and maybe Reverb the Whisper Porn legend who makes people orgasm with the sound of her voice is contacted by Gerber because the Soldier (The Federal Whistle Blower) who got stuck in the not very good Cindy D. sex robot suffered a minor sexual injury only temporarily relieved when he went to the Glendale Lucky 7 which is not an authorized Nuru Massage Clinic of Nazuki the World Famous Nuru Nurse who operates the Lucky 7 Tarzana (actually in Reseda). The minor sexual injury caused by getting stuck during the battle of the sex robots at the ever growing berber toupee factory where they are actually nylon was recounted on Episode 82 became a major sexual injury when the Soldier sought out medical treatment from the apprentice embalmer (on previous episodes) because the soldier is a strong proponent of the Unhealthy Families Act. Apparently Dr. Goldman, the husband of Mindy Goldman (the overprotective mother from Episode 66 who hid under the bed to make sure her eldest's son's 1st time was safe), simply had to help when he saw what the apprentice embalmer/imposter did. However, Dr. Goldman is a facial surgeon for children including when he volunteers in war torn countries. Things were, "Miniaturized," or were they? This ends up being a story line that continues into the next three episodes. While truly bizarre issues of an often sexual nature are on the surface there is much more to this story including heavy political overtures which are making this radio show the international go to for the most brazen social and political commentary on the United States. This episode features the overprotective mother, the Soldier, Cindy D., Reverb, Dr. D., Dombass the incompetent employment defense lawyer with a desk in the parking lot of the Lucky 7 Tarzana, and Mindy Goldman the overprotective mother (her part was in the beginning of this show which got cut out of this live stream). This is the stepped up, multi-voice actor episode that will now be forthcoming. Listening to the bizarre characters interact is fantastic. This is the craziest, most outrageous, edgy, campy, and weird comedy on radio or anywhere else. We believe this episode and the next will go down as being the funniest comedy sketches of 2019. This is the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show scripted weekly and heard on KABC AM790 Los Angeles from 7-8 PM on Saturday. This is Episode 84 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast on 11-23-19.

Newb knocked unconscious by yoga butt - crazy comedy KABC AM790 Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show

Cat fight between exercising millennial and overprotective mother. First, Newb (the millennial) talks about running up credit card debt, and educational debt for a bachelors certificate in medicine from Regional University (no campus) finally goes to work at age 30. She walks into a surgery to complain about her paycheck, and is ultimately fired from her job. Mindy Rickels, the daughter of the famous imposter of Don Rickels, famous for hiding under her eldest son's bed to make sure everything was safe during his first time, comes into the medical facility to deliver papers for her husband's luncheon speech. Newb treats her rudely and Mrs. Mindy Goldman's rear end makes contact with Newb's head. The same events play out again at Gerber's office when Mindy Goldman finds out Newb is there. A cat fight ensues in the alley behind Karl Gerber's law office. Mrs. Goldman's 15 year old son persuades Newb to let Mindy go to her overprotective parents anonymous meeting for his sake so Mindy won't hide under his bed during his first time in a few years. This is the most outrageous, over the top comedy on commercial radio or elsewhere. It is scripted weekly and heard on KABC AM790 Los Angeles from 7-8 PM on Saturday or Sunday nights depending on whether there is an USC football game. Characters such as the over protective mother re-appear. This is Episode 83 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast live 11-17-19.

Federal whistle blower gun fight with sex robots comedy KABC AM790 Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer

Soldier hired to defend ever growing berber (actually nylon) toupee factory of Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M. Rhemus Helms sends in his sex robots and Hinita Orchid Helms’ candles that simulate the human sexual experience. The over 1,000 guards of the Russian Caek Caek front (a Russian dessert) are overrun with oversexed sex robots. The soldier from Episode 30 gets stuck in the not very good copy of the Cindy D. Robot (based upon her re-run landline phone sex calls). An orgy/machine gun battle erupts while the soldier is holding up the Cindy D. sex robot's back to the ceiling because he is stuck (there was a product liability class action due to this defect and she was recalled). He manages to snipe over 3,000 of the sex robots between their eyebrows. Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M has a three-way with the Commander in Chief and a prosecutor from the Ukraine. The Command in Chief threatens to withhold the 3,004 re-conditioned sex robots if the prosecutor from the Ukraine does not find dirt on his political opponent. The Ukraine prosecutor is interested in acquired these models. The soldier claims he is a Federal whistleblower due to this event. This is the craziest, most outrageous sketch comedy on radio let alone anywhere else today. This is a running series involving the most improbable guests supplied by Rhemus Helms, a man who made his fortune when his genital got infringed. This is Episode 82 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on KABC AM790 Saturdays from 7-8 PM if it is not preempted by a USC game and then it is heard at a different time. Stay tuned on this channel for show time information. This show was broadcast 11-9-19.

Seller of recalled Cindy D. Sex Robot Appears on Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show KABC AM790

Multi-Line salesman couldn't make it as a conspiracy theorist. He tries to advertise and sell to Gerber products that wouldn't have made it on AS SEEN ON TV. First, he tries to sell a double edged mushroom knife. Then a three knotted scarf to protect a dog's nose from sunburn before he moves onto his crown jewel. Although the not very good Cindy D. sex robot (based upon her rerun landline phone sex calls) has been recalled by the Helms Corporation because of the class action lawsuit involving, "Men getting stuck" this salesman is willing to let her go with a money back guarantee and 9.99% financing if Gerber has a FICO score of over 720; otherwise 114% financing. Gerber explains Cindy D. is his colleague on this crazy radio show so he isn't interested, but feels the robot has already been used and will be used repetitively if the buyer returns her due to a lack of satisfaction, or a failure to qualify for financing. It is then disclosed the sale man is also a conspiracy theorist. He ends up believing Gerber is merely a holographic image of Bobby Kennedy. This is an Infomercial/Conspiracy theory, sales parody on Episode 81 of The Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. This is the weirdest, edgiest, over the top, outrageous sketch comedy on commercial radio. If you like Benny Hill, the Original Saturday Night Live Cast, Frank Zappa, the Kentucky Fried Movie, Cheech & Chong or John Waters this is the show for you. It airs on Sunday nights from 7-8 PM if it is not on Saturday nights from 7-8 PST. on KABC AM790 Los Angeles.

Mother of Phone Sex Operator & Maybe ASMR Whisper Porn Legend on Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show

Episode 80 KABC AM 790 Comedy Radio. Karl Gerber gets Cindy D.'s mother to appear so he can find out if she is also the mother of Reverb the ASMR Whisper Porn personality whose voice makes people spontaneously orgasm. It turns out Cindy D.'s mother is the scientist who invented the sex organs Rhemus Helms used for his procreating sex robots. However, the Helms Corporation probably made modification because the sex organs were not intended to be mounted in anything, or procreate as sex robots. This is the most outlandish over the top comedy on commercial radio. This is the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show on KABC AM790.

Episode 79: Nuru Massage App for Senior Citizens

World Famous Nuru Nurse, Nazuki plunges into gig economy by rolling out an App for Cricket phones so seniors can get nuru massages with a click. Live show of Episode 79 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show KABC AM790 broadcast 10-21-19. Comedy radio with a hint of employment law and political commentary. This is the most edgy, outlandish sketch comedy on commercial radio. This is a continuing weekly series with re-appearing bizarre characters referred by Rhemus Helms who made his initial penile seed money when he sued for genital infringement (a case Gerber turned down.)