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Chap works for Cyclops Security managing a database of each sanitary napkin the US Army distributes in Afghanistan before XIO415 (the company that bored an employee to death in episode 17) bought it out. His manager Molly Machete (ex-water boarder) demands pressure services on her back 5 minutes into his lunch breaks. The first two hours of the shift he must speak to the General in charge of the Afghan Conflict so he cannot take rest breaks. The neighboring business Nouvelle Vague Novelty Toys' antics prevent his rest break before his meal break. This poor man learns he missed statutes of limitations when he went to the Labor Board and won only because XIO415's lawyers put the hearing officer into a near slumber.
Dombass' office is in back of a nuru massage clinic founded by a famous nuru nurse. The nurse and Rhemus Helms conceived Hinita Orchid Helms in the very chair Dombass now uses to rip off clients, and receive occasional massages. Gerber cannot reconcile Dombass' lack of ethics and learnings of the law. Gerber demands that Dombass pay restitution to the clients he has taken advantage of. Broadcast live 8-19-18 KABC Radio AM 790, Los Angeles California.
Comedy radio, Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer show heard on 790 AM KABC every Sunday 7:00 to 8:00 Pacific Time! Third party neutral investigator (although paid exorbitantly by both sides) investigates a case of death by boredom in the workplace. The victim is at least one of the people Rhemus Helms has fathered. A workers compensation specialist comments on the willfully boring work environment. A clinical pathologist from Harvard opines the blocked exit door might not have made a different because what was on the other side of the door was equally boring. Questions remain. Will they be answered in the next episode?
Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Broadcast 8-5-18. Young woman with bad credit claims she quit her job for a $250,000 a year candle designing gig at Nouvelle Vague Novelty Toys. Was she let go because the candles she pirated didn't mask the smell of living in her Prius because she couldn't find a place to live in the Los Angeles Beach Communities? Learn about at-will employment, employment contracts, fraud, and the importance of not telling somebody else's story.
Nouvelle Vague Novelty Toys continues their layoffs. Rhemus Helms provides a cosplay coyote to dynamite their warehouse. In moving to a virtual warehouse which is no warehouse at all, P a J Butt Crack, III complains selling couples underwear for $39.99 that will never ship is fraud and not a joke worth $39.99. He also suspects he may have been fired for an unusual syndrome a chiropractor coined. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer tells P a J it is going to be hard to prove he was fired for a disability or his complaints of fraud being that the entire liliputian warehouse he managed was dynamited. Moreover, P a J is not making any efforts to find comparable employment, but instead wants to be a concert pianist despite not being able to read music.
Comedy radio involving a 72 year old artist being laid off from a novelty toy company. Heard live on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show on KABC AM790 7-23-18. Demus is Rhemus' brother, the man whose genital was infringed, heard on earlier episodes.
Workers Compensation Specialist, Sef Krell is interviewed by Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer on KABC 790. Gerber asks Krell many of the important questions the public needs to know about workers compensation. The value of workers compensation cases, the process of obtaining a doctor, the neutral evaluation process for a claim, work stress claims, and multiple body part injuries are among the topics discussed.
Character Lisa Glick is being sued by a sales agent who was fired by a third party for sexual harassment. He sold almost half of the houses in a new home development called, "As Seen on Color TV.," but he was fired before the escrows closed. The episode explores joint employment, employment contracts, sexual harassment, and the real world of trials in which somebody suing might be liked by some and hated by others and how that leads to certain outcomes regardless of who is right and who is wrong and what the law is.
Is corporate intimacy real or fake? What is corporate intimacy? If employees build relationships at work in order to create a safe environment and build trust, can that lead to sexual harassment, off color jokes about race and ethnicity? How can managers discipline their subordinates and enforce their roles if they are intimate with their coworkers? Why is there so many feelings of race discrimination in Los Angeles, a city started by 44 minorities and 2 white people?