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Introducing The Yoni Lady Comedy

Usher in the New Year learning about Yoni Masages. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer chats with Rhemus Helms about California's new employment laws until Rhemus Helms derails all normalcy and focuses in on having to fire the Yoni Lady at his cosplay ostrich ranch in Sun Valley, California due to AB5 the new California law about independent contractors. Gerber has no idea what a Yoni massage is. Yoni is a term for the female genital. Helms compares the Yoni Lady to the Mikveh lady, but Gerber disagrees. Helms forced Gerber to read reviews on the Yoni Lady. There are rave reviews on what she has done to a woman's genital and how great the endive appetizer are when she throws a pussy pampering party. It becomes apparent 2020 will be the year of pampering oneself no matter how absurd it is. This is America's craziest comedy. This was broadcast January 4, 2020 on KABC AM 790 7 PM PST. This is utter absurdity. Rhemus Helms allegedly sponsors this show through a generous grant from the Helms' Foundation's $5.14 Billion in Funding and 14 Inches of Endowment. Rhemus Helms made his initial penile seed money when his genital was infringed. He operates the cosplay Ostrich Ranch in Sun Valley, California where has a mile long bed. His worldwide distribution center in Fontana, California (shaped like a penis) manufactures the procreating sex robots that caused tiny earthquakes in Fontana due to large quantities of fluids seeping into the magna of the earth. The unauthorized Cindy D. model was recalled because men got stuck in her due to inaccurate descriptions she gave of her organs on re-run landline phone sex calls. Helms fathered Hinita Orchid Helms when he went to the Lucky 7 Tarzana Nuru Massage parlor to pay his gas bill and he wasn't prepared. The conception chair is in the Smithsonian due to Helms' fame and the fame of Nazuki, The World Famous Nuru Nurse. Helms contends on this episode Reverb, the whisper porn legend who can make men orgasm just be hearing her voice, is his daughter by immaculate conception. Talents like hers must originate with somebody with Helms' level of endowment. Due to the odd and rather exciting nature of her parents, Hinita Orchid Helms is susceptible to dying of boredom (although this happens repeatedly). That is why Nazuki, who is an Oxford graduate in ancient erotic literature with an emphasis on Asian erotica, speaks in broken English with a Japanese accent when her real drawl is proper British (she is a related search term to Yoko Ono maybe because both of their fathers were Japanese business men mostly living in England). Hinita Orchid Helms is able to create a scent used in candles that simulates the human sexual experience. It is a true treat to have Rhemus Helms on the show. This is Episode 90 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard every week without reruns at the times KABC Los Angeles believes the most number of listeners will hear. This isn't dark comedy. It is more over the top, no stops. The internet listenership of this show is worldwide, and has increased more than 50% in the last two months. There is nothing else like this outrageous comedy on the radio, on TV, in the movies, the internet, or any comedy club. This is the best radio comedy of 2018, 2019, and hopefully 2020..

High roller gambling at nuru massage parlor shirtless dreidel

Shirtless Dreidel game gambles for Soldier's genital back at nuru massage clinic. Round 2 slip and slide inside. Molly Machete, a former water boarder of the CIA, rearranges the location of this high roller dreidel game so it occurs at the Lucky 7 Tarzana nuru massage clinic run by the World Famous Nuru Nurse, Nazuki. The Golden Massage Oil awards for nuru nurses all over the world is also being held at the Lucky 7 Tarzana the same night. The shirtless dreidel game has to occur in the parking lot where incompetent employment defense lawyer, Dombass has a desk and the chair he thinks is the one Hinita Orchid Helms was conceived on during 1994ish when Rhemus Helms came in to pay a gas bill and was not prepared. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer goes to the high stakes dreidel game incognito as Rep. Duncan Hunter the disgraced Republican Congressman of the 50th Congressional District who recently was convicted of illegally using campaign funds for his own purposes such as a $125 or $625 plane ride (as reported by the fake media) for a rabbit. In this evil, high roller shirtless dreidel game Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M is in on, the stakes must be depraved. After all, Myron Alfomrba pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M is carrying the Soldier’s genital in a brown paper lunch bag and gambling it. Bernie Sanders is denied access because his loot is not enough and was legitimately earned money. Bernie Mahdoff is escorted by a Federal Marshall until 2 AM when he must return to Federal prison. Gerber has never actually been to a high rollers shirtless Dreidel game. He mistakenly believes the games start out shirtless whereas the loser merely loses his shirt. When Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M tells him he finds it odd he has started out shirtless, Gerber claims this is a West Coast thing. Alfombra claims he has been in the high roller dreidel circuit since 1982 and this is not true. Gerber, who is playing Duncan Hunter, claims this is a San Diego custom because the games happen in saunas. It is then claimed the second round of a West Coast game is slipping and sliding. Round one eventually starts after vying off for who goes first through a match of Indian Style Buzz which Gerber claims is discriminatory. In the actual dreidel game, Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M loses control of the soldier’s genital to Bernie Madoff. The Federal Marshall demands to start bringing Bernie Madoff back to Federal prison at 1:45 AM. An exchange is then made of Phil Specter. Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M declares the game is not for gambling memorabilia such as the gun Phil Specter held to John Lennon’s head. The Federal Marshall comes back because his GPS rightfully shows the Lucky 7 Tarzana is showing up as Reseda. Bernie Madoff is standing in the parking lot confused. He believes his gilt, the brown paper bag, is his lunch. Gerber claims it is his lunch. The rest of the group has run into the Lucky 7 Tarzana for slip and slide and/or pokie pokie. Madoff surrenders the brown lunch bag containing the Soldier’s genital when Gerber tells him he has a Katz Deli, Brooklyn pastrami sandwich in Dombass’ desk in the parking lot. Although Madoff has relinquished the bag, Gerber decides it is just too weird to pick up. Dombass buys it for $41,114 believing he is buying into an investment. This is the craziest comedy being produced on a weekly basis anywhere. It airs on KABC AM790 every week. This is Episode 89 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast 12-28-19 at 7 PM. This is the weirdest, funniest comedy out there for political comedy types, satire types, regardless of whether you are from New York, Los Angeles, like Jewish comedians, are into Aubrey Plaza, Frank Zappa, Al Sherman, John Waters, or anybody capable of pulling something off about 1/4 as crazy as this radio show.

Woman who orgasms 180 times a day needs accommodations at work for disability

Quinoa suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) on Episode 88 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. Expect Nazuki the World Famous Nuru Massage nurse and the soldier whose genital is being held hostage by the evil Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M'N'M to join us. Expect non-stop laughs in this over the top employment law comedy. Orgasming woman's employer asks that she orgasm on meal and rest breaks. Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) disables this customer service agent who works at a Trump-Era coal energy company. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer determines she suffers from a disability under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) because her need to orgasm 180 times a day on a good day, but 360 times a day on a bad day. This obviously major life activities. Her employer’s accommodation was seeing if she could reach enough of her daily quota while on 10 minute rest breaks and her 30 her minute meal break in what Gerber calls an employee all purpose room. Employees who have headaches, or need to pump breast milk believe this woman’s use of the room is overtaxing it. Additionally, there are times other employees barge in and/or the meal and rest breaks are interrupted. This leads to orgasms being delayed and prolonged. Molly Machete, the least neutral workplace investigator Gerber knows, barges in claiming there is a lead on the Soldier’s genital. She also has reports about PGAD and the orgasming woman’s condition. Given the subject matter, Nazuki the world famous nuru nurse and owner of the Lucky 7 Tarzana, drops in. Nazuki is also a matchmaker. She decides the Soldier with the genital Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M is holding hostage with the Iraq missiles the United States and the UK never found would be a good match for Quinoa. Both are religious Republicans, but more importantly, it appears Quinoa loses interest in orgasming when she hears about the Soldier walking around with his stand-in 1.5 centimeter genital. This is the most outrageous, over the top, funniest continuing new old time radio show on commercial radio. Follow Karl Gerber on Youtube to find out when this show will be broadcast on a weekly basis. The station is putting the show in its most listened to weekend spots to attract the maximum number of listeners to this show because it has been proven to keep audiences of all sizes entertained and attentive. This is America's edgiest weekly scripted comedy with continuing bizarre characters. It is unquestionably the best podcast series of 2019 and the best comedy podcast of 2019. Aired December 21, 2019 on KABC AM790 at 10AM PST. Now this is the way to cover disability discrimination law with an outrageous guest!

Whorehouse, Santa's Village, and Elf Maiden Slavery Uncovered Searching for Soldier's Genital

Soldier’s genital left whorehouse, heading North in a bowling bag carried by the evil Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M who is holding the genital hostage in a quid pro quo for Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer. After leaving Angel's whorehouse where the girl-friend experience and negotiation was discussed, Rhemus Helms' genital tracker brought the gang to Santa’s Village. Angel, the child actor in a few episodes of a TV show, a Rhemus Helms porn in 1979, and a Recycler newspaper advertisement in the mid-70s she still carries around decides to leave the brothel she runs to join ASMR whisper porn legend Reverb, Mindy Goldman the overprotective mother who hid under the bed during her older son's first time (Episode 66) who is trying to complete Step 2 of the 12 step overprotective parents anonymous, Cindy D. the most famous English speaking landline phone sex operator in the world, her mother Dr. D. who bio-engineered sex organs for the Rhemus Helms sex robots, Star Bright, and Karl Gerber so they can be the Magnificent 7. The oversized mystery van head to the North Pole. It is disclosed that the Helms Foundation has a sophisticated genital tracker, and their technology has been given to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORID) who tracks Santa on his deliveries. Once the Magnificent 7 arrive in Lapland an elf maiden approaches the mystery van and asks if it is really Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer because she wishes to report labor law violations. It is determined that after Mrs. Santa left things have gone downhill. Mrs. Santa apparently was inspired by the income that could be earned working for Nazuki the World Famous Nuru Nurse, and she took a job at the Lucky 7 Blythe also partially due to its warmer climate in the California Desert. The elf maiden complains about being paid in mirth, there not being reimbursement for rain deer travel, rain deers being charged illegal rent credits, and a lack of overtime on piece rate productions of wooden boomerangs. It is also determined that all good produced in the Village are now being shipped by a sub-contractor now that Amazon has taken over. After traveling many thousands of miles the Magnificent 7 is told a master carpenter in Santa’s Commune made a wooden box and shipped the solider’s genital off shortly before the gang arrived. Although this centers on a genital held hostage, this show is about the societal issues such as Amazonation, women as negotiators, modern day slave labor, and ethnocentric holiday celebration. This is Episode 88 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on KABC AM790. This is the raciest, edgiest, over the top comedy anywhere. There is always a new episode every week. If you are interested in weird comedy, the best of SNL, and the most outrageous comedy being produced on a weekly basis subscribe to the Karl Gerber with a K channel on YouTube and get updates on this show. This is episode 88 aired 12-15-19. This is the best comedy podcast show of 2019. Scripted weekly, over the top, best comedy of 2019.

Whorehouse infiltrated by non-live sex workers to find Soldier’s genital - Comedy radio KABC AM790

Lead comes in, on genital held hostage, on self-destructing 14 inch memory stick from Rhemus Helms that makes sex noises at destruction. ASMR whisper porn legend Reverb uses her skills to decipher the message concerns a brothel underneath the Redondo Beach Pier. Mindy the overprotective mother who hid under the bed during her older son's first time (Episode 66) must complete Step 2 of the 12 step overprotective parents anonymous. She decides to tag along with Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer, Cindy D. the most famous English speaking landline phone sex operator in the world, her maybe sister Reverb, her mother Dr. D. who bio-engineered sex organs for the Rhemus Helms sex robots, and then Star Bright shows up. She is eager to assist in finding the Soldier's genital because he accompanied her husband and her to North Korea when Chap Shtick was on top of the world managing the world's largest database of sanitary napkin uses Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M'N'M stole when he shrunk himself and got in between the studs in the Century City Twin Towers where the database was housed, and he downloaded it onto an 8 inch floppy drive. The gang takes the Nissan van with the 7 foot roof to the Redondo Beach Pier. Angel the child actress (a few episodes of a TV show) and then a Rhemus Helms porn in 1979, appears underneath the pier offering the girl-friend experience. She explains after she got fired from the job she talked about on Episode 59 for not aging gracefully she just had to do something so she started a brothel in a deserted seaside motel with a plentiful supply of bed bugs on the sofas Gerber refuses to sit on. It is decided there needs to be an infiltration into the whorehouse because Rhemus Helms last tracked the soldier's genital there. Star Bright and Reverb ultimately volunteer to pretend they are interested in getting into the life as long as their attorney, Gerber is present. Angel claims the wages a woman can earn whoring are inspiring. She also discusses how the girl-friend experience is the premier hooker trick. Apparently men want to hire a woman who acts like their girl-friend. Reverb and Star Bright fail to be inspired. Gerber divulges there is not an actual interest of his clients getting into the life. They simply got a lead the Soldier's genital might be in the cat house. An academic debate ensues about whether young women are naturally good negotiators. Angel claims women working for her are not, and will learn how to be. Gerber and Dr. D. cite evidence from various studies about why members of both sexes might or might not be good negotiators. This is the most absurd comedy aired on radio anywhere. This is a continuing new old time radio saga. This is Episode 87 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on KABC AM790 Saturdays 7-8 PM because the show was so successful it was moved to a more popular timeslot than Sundays. If you are interested in weird comedy, retro cool things, and the most outrageous comedy being produced on a weekly basis subscribe to the Karl Gerber with a K channel on YouTube and get updates on this show. This particular episode was aired December 7, 2019.

Hunt for Soldier's genital; mother of phone sex & ASMR porn stars makes genitals

In the theme of Dragnet and Scooby Doo, the search for the Soldier’s genital takes the gang (Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer, Cindy D. the Most Famous English Speaking Landline Phone Sex Operator in the World, Dr. D. the mother of Cindy D but probably not Reverb the Whisper Porn Legend who makes men orgasm with only her voice, Dombass the incompetent employment defense lawyer, Reverb, and the Soldier) to a children’s hospital where the Soldier’s genital was last seen (prior to Dr. Goldman trying to fix it after the soldier’s minor sexual injury when he got stuck in the Cindy D. sex robot became a major sexual injury because an apprentice embalmer the Imposter tried to fix things because the Soldier is a strong proponent of the Unhealthy Families Act and lacked medical insurance). Jamie, the general contractor, appears at the hospital where he had volunteered his time to build a circus wagon for the kids in the spirit of the holidays. He shows off the rollers on drawers he built for the hospital on a paid job and it becomes apparent the genital is in one of the drawers. The scavenger hunt for the Soldier’s genital turns into a game of hide-and-go-seek. Eventually Jamie throws the genital towards Gerber, but it is dropped on the floor because Gerber declines to touch the package wrapped in tinfoil. The Helms Foundation analyzes the product and determines it is not in fact the Soldier’s. An attempt to recreate the genital based upon Cindy D. re-run phone sex calls with the Solider occurs when Cindy D.’s husband Cemex makes an over 1,000 pound concrete mold that Jamie takes up from the hospital’s loading dock on his skid steer. There is some discussion about whether the large sculpture is to scale before it is determined it is completely inaccurate because the Soldier like many people involved in landline phone sex calls gave inaccurate descriptions of his part. Cindy D. is concerned Cemex will have to repay his employer for wasting 25 or more boxes of Cement All (valued at over $1,000) on making the mold. Gerber is concerned there is no way to get the sculpture out of the children’s hospital because Jamie has taken his skid steer/loader away. Rhemus Helms offers to buy the product, and Gerber refuses to broker the deal. As all hope is fading in reuniting the Soldier with his genital before Christmas a call comes in on what Dombass is referring to as the Mystery Van’s speaker phone. The call is from the Soldier’s former commanding officer. It is determined Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but spelled M’N’M is holding the genital for hostage in the same place the Iraqi chemicals and weapons of mass destruction are that the United States and Britain could not find in 2003 and 2004. The quid pro quo is supposed to be Gerber for the genital. The story ends with Gerber driving the gang to Los Angeles International Airport and hoping he loses them. It is widely believed this episode may be the funniest comedy sketch of 2019. Last week’s show was recorded along with this show in order to win this rank and more people listened to Episode 84 broadcast November 23, 2019 on KABC AM790 than anything else on the radio over the weekend in Los Angeles. The internet traffic to Episode 84 has also been groundbreaking. This is Episode 85 Broadcast 11-30-19 in Los Angeles, California. This it the most outrageous, edgy, over the top comedy broadcast anywhere in 2019. Get in on the trend. Subscribe to this channel or listen from 7-8 PM Saturdays.