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Episode 28: Halloween Radio Show About Vintage Los Angeles - KABC AM790 Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer

Karl Gerber, Workplace lawyers gets Star Light into Rhemus Helms' Day 3 of 6 Halloween Party. She is dressed like Star Bright. They find Hinita Orchid Helms in an underground phallic shaped bunker lying in a state of boredom. Star Light attempts to resurrect her with a Ouija Board while singing the Time Warp. This causes Gerber and Star Light to land on the 1939 Pine Needle Ski Slope in Universal City. They proceed to rescue a gay man who was fired due to his sexual orientation and physically ejected from a bar he worked at along Highway 101 (Ventura Boulevard). Star Light gets a job as a B-Drinker in a joint on Bunker Hill where she has to climb 100 stairs to enter. She is sexually harassed and they decide to leave 1939. Gerber expects his logic skills will bring them to back to his home in 2018, but Star Light makes him lose his concentration and focus on his costume suit from 1950 he wore to Rhemus Helms' party. They land in 1950 where Gerber helps a noir mystery writer ghost write by leaving radio and film scripts. Star Light gets a job at Charley Foy's Supper Club in Sherman Oaks. They attempt to leave 1950, but end up in 1959. In 1959 Gerber assists with the Petermann appeal which establishes the forebearings for wrongful termination in California. The show ends with Hinita Orchid Helms resurrected due to the story. Star Light was played by Cindy D. who recounted the escapade because Star Light immediately disappeared after resurrecting her friend who died of boredom at XIo415.

11 Year Pregnancy - Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show, Comedy Radio KABC AM790 10-21-18

Tinita Gravita I has been accommodated at Organic Ostrich during her lengthy pregnancy which turns out to be 11 years. Apparently she lost a game of office chair wars and had to engage in activities with a Skinlit. The fixer has pulled the strings to her chair, but she was denied the accommodation of having a miniature pony pull her into the hallway where she could watch the dog races. She claims her baby used to be larger before Meche Ga Dogman's pit bull Mean Bull ate part of her baby.

Dog Fights and Races at Food Manufacturer - Episode 26 - Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show

Meche Ga Dogma thinks she is fired from her job because she served on a jury. The job is at Organic Ostrich the makers of soy drums that contain 90% feather feed. Ms. Dogma brings her pit bulls to the live KABC AM 790 radio show. The dogs roam the studio, destroy a leather couch, and bark throughout the show. It is determined that Organic Ostrich was shut down due to the employees bringing in their dogs. The fixer took bets on jale jale races and dog fights. The jury trial Ms. Dogma attended turns out to be the Rosa Santos Rosenstein v. Lisa Glickman trial for Rosa not receiving controlled standby. A mistrial is declared when Rhemus Helms and Molly Machete ride horses into the jury room where they plan to joist in order to determine who the foreperson of the jury will be. This is modern radio comedy at its best.

Who is the Emperor of the Inland Empire? - Episode 25 - Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show

Comedy Radio heard live on KABC AM790 October 7, 2018. An Inland Empire woman is fired from her job for leaving work to vote in the uptenth runoff election for the Assistant Dope Waxer in Hell Hole Palms. Many, "Big" issues are discussed including who might be the emperor of the Inland Empire, the beach community at Moreno Beach, and the largest warehouse in Fontana which happens to be the Rhemus Helms Worldwide Distribution Center.

Aging Truant Officer & The Iranian Diaper Crisis - Episode 24 - Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show

Heard live on KABC AM790 9-30-18. A near 80 year old truant officer is not hired at an unorthodox school (The University) for geniuses. The school never takes applications, and prefers to recruit the living and dead if they are sufficiently odd. Officer Lines' career highlight was providing immunity to Gerber's younger brother (Lemur, Jr.) in exchange for information on truants and pedophilles the Lemur Brothers had intelligence on because they ran the online portal to the internet when it was a dial-up system in the early to mid-1980s at which time Brett Kaughavagan was exposing himself which led to many Trump and otherwise red jokes on this particular episode. Gerber and Lines move onto the Iranian Diaper Crisis Burning Man, incidents of alcoholism at work, and job quits due to commuttes.

Episode 23 - Non-Human Religious Discrimination at Work - Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show KABC790

Skinlit appears on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show claiming religious discrimination from Nouvella Vague Gaming where he is a character in a VR game. He is a member of the Lemon Drops, a religious sect residing below the surface of the earth. Gerber and Skinlit ultimately do a duet of Why Can't We Live Together juxtapositioning names of famous guests such as Rhemus and Demus Helms, Cindy D., P a J Butt Crack, III, Star Light and Star Bright. This is comedy radio with a bent on California employment law.

Episode 22 - Depo Prep for Sexual Harassment, Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer

Heard on KABC AM790 9-16-18. The deponent is advised to bring a lot of cash to her deposition for parking, lunch, and pain relievers. She ponders whether she should leave for Century City after the Culver City radio show recording, or leave her home 12 miles away in North Hollywood before 4 AM to get to the 10:00 A.M. Deposition. She also questions why she hired Dombass to represent her on a mixed contingency/hourly fee. This is weekly sketch comedy that relates to California employment law and Los Angeles.

Episode 21 - Phone Sex Operator Fired Getting Daughter From School When Suspended

Cindy D. has been fired from her job at Underground Operators where she is a phone sex operator. She had to pick up her daughter twice when she was suspended from school. She missed another day enrolling her daughter, who tested gifted, in a new school for the highly gifted. Cindy D. appeared on Episodes 3 and 6. This episode of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer show was broadcast on KABC AM790 9-9-18 before a live Los Angeles and Southern California audience. This is comedy that deals with workplace situations.

Episode 20 - Mold Infested Apartment & Sanitary Napkins

Star Bright considers a class action against her employer, Mildew Rentals, because she is being paid sub-minimum wage, not paid for overtime, and receiving an illegal rent credit because it exceeds the lawful limits of a rent credit in California. Otherwise, she is enjoying married life with Chap Shtick, but generally unsure of just about everything including whether Hinita Orchid Helms is alive or dead notwithstanding attending her funeral.