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Sex robot started Coronavirus in mobile home - KABC AM790 Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show Comedy

Sex robot did something obscene with bon bons and started the Coronavirus when Cheapvacationrentals.com tried to use the Delicious Devine sex robot to clean their rentals which included a mobile home in the Corona Mobile Estate Park. Delicious Devine is the supervisor of the most famous English speaking landline phone sex operator in the world, Cindy D. In earlier episodes we heard how Delicious Devine and Cindy D. did a two girl phone sex show and raised quickly raised a large amount of money for muscular dystrophy. We have also heard Delicious Devine's husband keeps her in bon bons because he enjoys her plus size figure. Episode 94 was heard at 10 AM PST on KABC AM790. You will learn how the Coronavirus originated in a mobile home park in Corona, California when the sex robot of Delicious Devine did something obscene with bon bons when she was supposed to be cleaning a short term vacation rental. Drexel Cunningham, the owner of cheapvacationrentals.com got a used Ford 15 passenger van that used to belong to a church, and rounded up 15 recalled Delicious Devine sex robots at the One Dollar and Fourteen Cent Store because his cheap vacation rentals had never been cleaned before. After the sex robots cleaned each other out, they were supposed to go to work cleaning the short term rentals that can be rented by the half hour if somebody needs a local toilet after a buffer and before say a swim party at a friend's house. Guests get credits and save money if they let the bathrooms get rented for a short period of time, or a senior uses the bedroom, when the regular guest goes out to dinner, after the senior has used world famous nuru nurse, Nazuki's nuru massage app for seniors to order up a nuru massage. This is the craziest comedy being produced on a weekly basis as well as the most outrageous comedy broadcast on commercial radio. This show is the first to deal with bizarre topics such as the whole yoni experience, the yoni massage, and yoni steaming which Gwyneth Paltrow is now covering on her show Goop. This is episode 94 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast live on KABC AM790 Los Angeles at 10 AM PST on 2-1-20. Imagine waking up to this weekly, continuing, and inter-related radio comedy series. Although one woman complained, the live stream version was well listened to and so was the radio show. This could be the best parody on short term vacation rentals, and a very funny Coronavirus parody.

Witch Hunt & Inquest of Senate Chief Executive Officer - Comedy - KABC AM790, Fair Use Parody

Witch hunt and inquest by the seven managers regarding the Chief Executive Officer of Senate Music Publishing is explored on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 93 on KABC AM790. Alizon looks and claims she is 30 but was just getting started at Senate Music Publishing around the time a 1963 Beatles song, "I Saw Her Standing There" came out. It turns out Senate Music Publishing publishes one word songs that are one second or less in order to constitute fair use under the Copyright Act. Although Karl Gerber is licensed to practice law in Washington D.C. he declines to represent the young wicca because the rules in her impeachment inquest are too obscure. Molly Machete the most unethical workplace investigator comes on the show after hearing bits and pieces of it while getting a yoni massage by the Yoni Lady from Episode 91. Molly Machete advises the witch not to fear if it feels like she might drown when they are waterboarding her because Molly Machete acquired great experience waterboarding in what she refers to as, "The Bay" when she was in the CIA. This is unquestionably the best parody about the Trump impeachment trial, and fair use. It should be played in law school copyright classes, and enjoyed by political pundits. This is the craziest weekly radio comedy broadcast anywhere. This is not just a tribute to all things dark and goth. A man who made his fortune when his genital got infringed refers all guests. This crazy comedy episode was broadcast 1-25-20 over the Los Angeles airwaves.

The Yoni Lady explains Yoni Massages and Yoni Steamings

The Yoni Lady from a cosplay ostrich ranch is a licensed tantra masseuse who does Yoni steamings for men and women. She also does pussy pampering parties for the Yoni. She heard Episode 90 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer show in which Rhemus Helms explained he might have to fire the Yoni Lady due to a lack of interest in her services, but more importantly AB5 which requires employees be treated as employees and not independent contractors. The Yoni Lady does take private clients at the tiny salon on Santa Monica Boulevard covered on Episode 56 of this show. She also does Yoni parties at locations such as the Ritz Carlton. She is licensed, although not by a government licensing agency. In fact, her pussy massages are illegal because she charges for them when not working for Rhemus Helms. After all, these are massages of the female sex organs intended to induce body shattering orgasms for women. The Yoni Lady is jealous of Nazuki the world famous nuru nurse so she keeps saying she hates her. There are also claims Rhemus Helms' procreating sex robots are being sold at the 99 cent store. This Episode 91 broadcast on KABC AM790 1-11-20. This is the strangest, most over the top radio show broadcast on a commercial radio station or anywhere else. This continuing radio series seeks to cover the most bizarre things and relate them to employment law. All guests are furnished by Rhemus Helms who made his initial fortune when his genital got infringed. This is the best Podcast of 2020 and the best comedy being made in America. You will hear the Yoni lady go from American to French to Hungarian and back a few times.