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Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 37 - KABC AM790 12-30-18

Karl Gerber has a conversation with one of the employment lawyers he works with. The lawyer wants Gerber to ask him certain questions which Gerber does. A few interesting facts such as whether strippers are entitled to service fees are divulged. New employment laws for 2019 are covered. The new statute for sexual assault is discussed. Gerber vows to return to funny scripted comedy after the 1st of the year, but apologies for not being able to have a comedy sketch the penultimate day of the year.

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 36 - Broadcast 12-23-18 KABC AM 790

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer goes to New York to find Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting. Alfombra aka Matting send an impostor on Episode 35 & Egdon Webis randomly appeared when Matting was improperly served a subpoena by Dombass. There is an improper re-enactment of the French Connection and Bullit car chases.

Episode 35: Egdon Webis Drops in by Mistake

Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting has been subpoenaed to the show by Dombass, the inept lawyer, who doesn't realize subpoenas are for legal cases. Egdon Webis wanders in looking for an egg while his dog is socializing across the street. He also hopes to meet Dr. Zhivago who hosts a talk show about useless vitamins but not on KABC.

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 34 - KABC AM790 - Imposture Appears

Myron Alfombra of Queens Carpets (they make ever growing berber rugs for townhouses and toupees out of the same material) is supposed to appear in order to answer certain questions. Instead, an imposture comes. The professional imposture tells stories about his famous gigs including a Vanishing Point tale about driving of a truck that ended up containing product from Rhemus Helms. There is also much talk about 1970 Dodge Challengers, employee stock options, truant officer Fred Lines' sting operation at a hot yoga studio, and other related and on-point matters.

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Takes Live Callers on Episode 33 - KABC AM 790 - Comedy Radio

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer decides to take live call ins. The first caller turns out to the Rosa Santos Rosenstein. She is not looking forward to a retrial after the mistrial when Rhemus Helms tried to joust Molly Machete to see who would be the jury foreperson. The second caller is a Southern Belle who apparently dated Pumpkin Head (at least once during a hoot at Rhemus Helms' Ranch). The third caller is Dombass. He got a free ever growing berber toupe from Queens Carpet for looking into the lawsuit Angie (the angry one from Episode 31) wants to bring for genetic discrimination on account of her being predisposed to niceness. The whole live caller scenario didn't quite work out like Gerber hoped.

Episode 32: 25th Anniversary Special Guest Rhemus Helms Discloses How His Penis Was Infringed

Rhemus Helms helps Karl Gerber celebrate his 25th year anniversary as an employee lawyer. It is discovered that on the same day Gerber was sworn in as a California lawyer an unauthorized mold of Rhemus Helms' genital was taken at a New York party at the Hotel Delmonico by a man with a bad Chucky hairdo. This man was hard up for cash because two of his casinos had just gone bankrupt. Adult novelty toy company Adin & Elvira paid the man $5,000,000 for the mold. The rest is history. Gerber attempts to discuss changes in employment law since 1993, but Rhemus Helms' antics tend to dominate the conversation. 3 minutes to 11 minutes is the most bizarre comedy sketch ever. You must listen to it and share it with anybody opposed to our current administration and/or persons interested in comedy, urban myths, far out stuff, and anything remotely cool. Broadcast Live on KABC AM790, Los Angeles Commercial Radio 11-25-18

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 31 - Guest Gives Crystal Meth Recipe to Create Anger

Angie is fired from Anger, Incorporated because she, "Doesn't have it anymore." She believes she has a genetic condition that makes her happy and/or nice. She was denied a transfer to the Happy Squad because that would be worse than Mitch McConnell cozying up to Nancy Polosi at a Crosby, Stills, Et. Al. concert. Angie demonstrates the job of agitator by giving out the formula for making crystal meth because the opinion leaders listening to Talk Radio 790 KABC will discourage future meth heads from wanting to get involved when their hear crystal meth is made up of Dranyo and other toxic chemicals. Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show that aired 11-18-18 on KABC 790AM

Episode 30: Soldier Escorts Chap Shtick to Korea - Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show KABC 790 AM

Comedy radio in which it is determined having access to Chap Shtick's database that tracks each sanitary napkin is what now makes a nation a first world country. The soldier is fired from his job for gong on this particular mission. He was also disciplined for helping fight California wild fires while serving, and deterring California Poppy smugglers who come to the California Poppy Festival in Lancaster. The soldier is unique and amusing. Aired live 11-11-18 on KABC 790 AM.

Episode 29: Mad Judge After Rhemus Helms

Comedy Radio on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. Judge Beezu batted grapes with her shaky finger before her courtroom was destroyed when Rhemus Helms and Molly Machete rode their horses into the jury room in order to joust for the role of foreperson in the Santos Rosenstein v. Glickman controlled standby lawsuit Dombass ineptly defended, but the Plaintiff's lawyer had an exhibit that was umm, hmm, ah. The 14th Amendment with due process and equal protection is dear to both Gerber and Judge Beezu, but it remains unclear whether Gerber redirected Judge Beezu in life without a courtroom. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Aired 11-4-18 KABC 790AM