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Sketch Comedy - Star Bright discusses her husband, Chap Shtick's job termination when Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting and spelled M'N'M got in between the 4 inch metal studs and drywall at the floor in the Century City Twin Towers where Chap Shtick managed the world's largest database of sanitary napkins. It is learned that a national emergency and the War Powers Act was used to take control of the database. However, it appears Myron Alfombra's work resulted in an 8-inch floppy disk (from 1976-1979) of information which could not possibly contain much of anything. Star Bright and Gerber theorize this is why the high end nuclear summit earlier in the week abruptly stopped.
Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer's guest was allegedly snubbed at the Oscars so she decided to appear on this KABC AM 79 radio show. The actress offers Gerber seltzer from a bottle she did not buy at Fedco, but bought at Akron. Gerber is not drugged, but as a Los Angeles historian plays along and proceeds to read Oscar wins from 1978. The actress recounts sexual harassment that occurred late '77 to early '78 by an Oscar worthy director who owned a 1970 Mercedes SEL, but in the 450SL she was glad she brushed her teeth after the ol' finger in the mouth technique at Le Dome. Apparently the director explained the symbolism of the sanitary napkin database but not the ever growing berber toupee that is actually nylon. The hot spots and hot things of 1978 Los Angeles are covered including Flipper's Roller Disco, La Scala, and Topanga. In the end, the director left his Mercedes at LAX and the studio failed to act. Listen closely. All historic events are 100% accurate down to what bands played at the Starwood and when Petro rationing stopped in the UK.
Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer's weekly guest approved, accredited, and vented by Rhemus Helms and Fred Lines formerly of the LAUSD, is an impostor for PETA. He worked in Indonesia unclogging civet cats so they can properly poop out Kopi Luwak coffee beans which sell for $149 a pound. He also organized search parties for Jacu droppings in Brazil, and used Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting and spelled M'N'M's tampoume to vacuum up pellet shaped pills one of the Dr. Zhivago's sold to a subsidiary of Adin & Elvira (the infringer of Rhemus Helm's penis). This particular guest, Sedwick vows to bring down Adin & Elvira because he is a disgruntled ex-employee who found the job intolerable and had to quit because they failed to mail him a year end w-2 which would have enabled him to get a tax refund and buy his 91 year old grand pops the coral reef model of Alfombra's ever growing berber toupee that is actually nylon and comes in an orange, hot pink, and white stripes.
A general contractor appears on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. He pretends the workers are not his employees because his foreman pays them. Gerber explains labor laws and social security tax withholdings are national laws not unique to California. We learn Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting and spelled M'N'M has decided a stucco mix is the best means of manufacturing the ever growing sanitary napkin that will become US policy. It is also disclosed the general contractor might be sound proofing the nuru massage clinic in which Dombass has an office in back.
Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer thinks he has a three time Super Bowl player on his show. The guest has an alleged head injury and it goes down hill from there. The guest believes his brain can be congealed through a minotaur head piece sold as if it was 75 pounds of pure silver. It turns out Myron Alfombra pronouced Matting and spelled M'N'M sold him the head piece which just happens to cover a coral reef model of the ever growing berber toupee that is actually nylon. FYI the coral reef model is orange, bright pink, and white. JO selected a cute little o and pencil loop model. There is mass confusion on the show and many different accents and voices. It turns out JO never played for the Dallas Cowboys. Instead he was a big time grape ball player which is a sport in which grapes are pitched at 180 miles an hour at the player's finger. This sport was first covered on Episode 29 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. If this was not enough, it turns out the regulation player's helmet for JO's team is a derby green felt hat bought at Party City around St. Patrick's Day.
Allegedly neutral workplace investigator, Molly Machete (last appeared on Episode 17) wants Karl Gerber, Workplace lawyer to help her bust a slave labor organization. Gerber agrees to help Machete if she will help him bring down Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting and spelled M'n'M. The slave labor organization turns out to be Sunshine's, "Family."
A guest who was supposed to be Polish turns out to talk like a Jamaican. She describes the strike and shutdown of the pallet operation that puts Kopi Luwak coffee beans in tiny zippers embedded in .10 of an inch thick pallets. P a J Butt Crack, III turns out to be person who makes the insertions between shifts. When he found out Brendon Goose was fired when he called in 34 minutes late because he work up from a coma and had West Nile Virus P a J Butt Crack, III stops coming to work. The second guest, Sunshine exists at a Yogi collective run by her, "Family." She seems stuck in the 1960s or early 1970s believing Hate Man, Father Yod, and The Source are in the now. It is determined she took the same potion the stewardesses on Retro Air took to never age. Gerber refers her to Rhemus Helms' cosplay ostrich ranch.
Brendon Goose appears on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show 1-13-19 broadcast on KABC AM 790. Brendon Goose claims he was fired from his job because he had West Nile Virus he picked up while camping at the Salton Sea on a fishing trip in which all of his catches were dead. Although he called who he thought was his employer within minutes after waking up for a coma he was first accused of being a no-call-no show. A third-party claims administrator administrated his Family Medical Leave but they put a question mark by the name of his employer. Despite calling Jimbo who explained why the pallet manufacturer puts tiny zippers in the pallets Wot aka Brendon Goose installed at work, Jimbo wasn't privacy to the name of the employer. Gerber resolves to sue the employer and find out who wrongfully terminated Brendon Goose.
A syndicated talk show host appears, but Gerber thought the radio talk show personality, Dr. Zhivago was a man. Apparently only the graveyard Dr. Zhivago in the Midwest is a man. Because Dr. Zhivago will not commit the talk radio death knell of pre-recording. Dr. Zhivago is played by different people in different areas of the country, and even at different hours of the day. Dr. Zhivago explains her real name is Zyganhaus, but people started calling her Zhivago by mistake. It also appears the world is mistaken that she is an actual doctor. She does not look a day over under 40, but she claims the tutoring services of Gerber's brother in 1987 enabled her to obtain a C in Chemistry the third time she took it. This admits this was reflective of her future medical career. Gerber realizes her professional license is notary public when he asks to see her professional license. She, however, claims she is a doctor of divinity. Gerber decides he wants to restrain her shows which mainly consist of selling pills of interesting colors. Dr. Zhivago claims she is from Orange County, but she sounds like Edith Bunker. It is also disclosed that Queens Carpets is one of Dr. Zhivago's 11 sponsors on her average show. Nothing makes sense. Has another impostor been sent Gerber's way?