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Episode 56: Karl travels Back in Time to 1940's Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel

Hilarious comedy, and then time travel. Griffith Park Observatory to Ambassador Hotel and Coconut Grove 1940s. Discussions on vintage fashion, old celebrities, and Los Angeles. Learn about the Ambassador Hotel and sex discrimination on this Mother's Day Episode of 5-12-19

Episode 55: Hero (not super hero) Sandwich Discovers Accounting Irregularities with Growing Toupees

Over the top comedy in which a hero sandwich who has a weird super power realizes his employer Miserly Cakes, Weird Shaped Pastas, and Tested Toilet Plungers has purchased close to 5 Billion dollars worth of ever growing berber toupees, that are actually nylon, from the evil Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting but spelled M'N'M. Because these toupees are ever growing are Governor Newsom has banned in California the hero sandwich and Gerber theorize Matting these never shipped ever growing toupees (due to their growth) could bring down the democratic order if shipped to a foreign country. The hero sandwich's powers involve being able to hear things. He heard Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting, but spelled M'N'M, talking about $5 billion for steel and concrete. Gerber vows to check his sources in the cement and steel industry. This is the most outrageous, over the top scripted comedy on commercial radio and perhaps anywhere at this time. It is a weekly series involving ongoing situations such as the ever growing toupees and Rhemus Helms who made his fortune from his genital being infringed. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 55 May 5, 2019 Heard on KABC AM790 Sundays 7-8 PM.

Episode 54: World Famous Nuru Nurse Nazuki Talks About the Intricacies of a Nuru Massage

On the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on AM790 KABC Los Angeles Sundays 7-8 PM PST, World Famous Nuru Nurse Nazuki explains her nuru nurses are tenants. These tenants live in the showers and massage rooms that at present are only separated by painter's plastic due to the clinic remodel. Nazuki explains her daughter Hinita Orchid Helms has died several times, and in order to keep her from dying of boredom she speaks in broken English notwithstanding the fact she is an Oxford graduate in erotic literature with an emphasis on Asian erotica. The laughs do not stop on this one. Nazuki admits Ikuki (one of the tenants) is a workplace food thief. She stole a dancing squid which happens to be a recently dead squid who still has muscle control even though it is brain dead. The squid dances when soy sauce is squirted on the squid. It is also determined the chair Hinita Orchid Helms was conceived in has gone to the Smithsonian, and so the chair Dombass sits in the office he rents in the back of Nuzuki's massage parlor is a fake. This is hilarious comedy you need to listen to. There is nothing like it on any radio station.

Episode 53: The Easter Bunny Who Drank 18 Troughs of Wine on Seder 18 Years Ago

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast live on 4-21-19 on KABC AM790 Los Angeles heard from 7-8 PM PST and always live streamed on YouTube. The Easter Bunny appears on this Easter comedy show. It is determined that during dental school he broke and entered 18 Orthodox homes on the Sabbath, during Passover and drank 18 troughs of Kosher for Pesach wine. However, his transformation into a rabbit is also attributed to carrots an opthalmologist at USC gave him. This busy bunny works both as a children's dentist for the Dr. Dentin (who happens to be Lisa Glickman's daughter's dentist), and also as the Easter Bunny of Rhemus Helms Cosplay Ostrich Ranch. This is today's most brilliant sketch comedy. Over the top, live comedy. Absurd, outlandish, and crazy.

Episode 51: Phone Sex Operator Suffers a Shower Injury & Is Sexually Harassed

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Broadcast 4-7-19 on KABC AM790. Sketch comedy with a twinge of employment law. Cindy D., a famous phone sex operator who also works on Rhemus Helm's cosplay ostrich ranch as Mistress Lubov (hear episodes 3, Cosplay Sexual Harassment Episode 5, and 21 where she also appeared) talks about an injury she suffered laying a bed in a nuru massage clinic. She then talks about being sexually harassed at various casting calls including by a former client named Dirty Daddy, and also by a polygamist and his third wife who happens to be bisexual because the polygamist happened to call Cindy D. from a vacation trailer in Pacoima for the bachelor party of a friend who was about to enter into his sixth marriage.

Episode 50: Hick complains of job termination from fly swatting job & claims she is a, "Thing"

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Episode 50 broadcast on AM790 KABC 3-31-19. A Trump loving hick appears. She aspires to start a permanent finger tattoo business with designs of the president's hairdo Myron Alfombra pronounced Matting but spelled M'N'M does, and other hick designs. She was fired from a 2-3 day job in which she spent 75% of her time swatting flies, often into the food. White trash dishes are discussed. She also claims to live on a fourble board in Oildale. She claims she is a descendant of the thing that came up during an oil drilling in 1928 and was recounted on a Quiet Please, Quiet Please 1948 episode. It turns out the guest was really Star Light pulling another one of her stunts. This is sketch comedy on the edge, and probably offending somebody.

Episode 49: Father Rishi Yodinsky & The Russian Face Slapping Champion KABC AM790 3-24-19

Dombass invalidly subpoenas Father Rishi Yodinsky (Father Rye for Short) to the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on AM790 KABC, Los Angeles. Father Rishi Yodinsky suggets legislating out rain because it is like a drug to California poppies. He explains his employees prefer to take their 10 minute uninterrupted rest breaks in the solitude of the caskets in his mortuary. The 2017 Kiev face slapping champion calls in with an international employment issue. It turns out his face was bruised during a face slapping match or championship (he didn't specify). He went to an apprentice embalmer which sounds like the imposter from Episodes 48 and 34. This is sketch comedy, performed live every Sunday from 7-8 PM Pacific Time.

Episode 48 : Imposter Appears on the Show after he Tried the Mortuary Business

An imposter who achieved the rank crackerjack mountebank in the imposter's union attempts a late life job change as an apprentice embalmer for Father Rishi Yodinksy's mortuary. Despite traveling to Indonesia where bodies of the rich remain at home for years before they are unburied after three years, the imposter has difficulty performing the detail work of an embalmer, and he decides to cheat along the way paying USC $5,000,000 for an embalmer's certificate and impersonating the dead. This comedy sketch was performed live Radio on AM790 Los Angeles where the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show airs every Sunday from 7-8 PM. This is the funniest, over the top, outrageous scripted comedy show on American radio in 2019.

Episode 47: Remodel of Dombass' Office in a Nuru Massage Clinic

Dombass, the disreputable employment defense lawyer appears on this comedy sketch of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on KABC AM 790 from 7-8 PM Sunday nights. His office, of which the front is a nuru massage clinic, is being remodeled. The General Contractor has used painter's plastic to divide the nuru massage rooms during the remodel. The ceiling has been removed. Although Dombass is slightly distracted by certain sights including things danging, and beautiful moaning noises from the masseuses, he is picking off the general contractor's workers who who have various wage disputes with the general contract, and Dombass is representing them. Gerber continues to be amazed by Dombass' practices and lack of knowledge of employment law. Aired on live commercial radio in Los Angeles, California March 10, 2019.