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Episode 73: Widow turns cosplay ranch into swingers ranch

Husband dies after landing on a cactus during naked sky diving and more. An infection in his buns from the prickly cactus causes his death. His distraught widow, Tricked Out Billy, adds swingers to their innocuous cosplay ranch in the wine country. Nudists naturally follow. It is ultimately determined this woman’s husband was related to Rhemus Helms which explains his untimely death.

Woman Makes Sex Tape & Becomes Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer twerked her yoga pants and got people to buy ever growing berber toupees that are actually nylon. Outrageous comedy at its best on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard every Sunday from 7-8 PM on KABC AM790 Los Angeles. On this show Gerber claims the show has turned over a new leaf. He will not be so rude and sex will not be discussed. Gerber and Gemini can't live up to this promise. They agree on liquidated damage penalties of $500 for a rude comment and $1,000 for a sexual comment. After the fines rack up they decide up amnesty before ditching the plan entirely. This is when the social media influencer explains her qualifications which include taking off her yoga pants and using Rhemus Helms' old porno film crew to film a poorly lighted sex tape which her boyfriend leaked not in the video but its distribution. This causes Josh, called Joshie by his overprotective mother in Episode 66 to call in and tell Gemini he thought the lighting in the video was poor.

Episode 71: Procreating sex robots cause new virus creating ruptures in recycled condoms

Karl Gerber calls in Rhemus Helms, sex and condom expert on a case involving an OSHA whistle blower. Rhemus Helms determines the subterranean area of a new mixed use project was waterproofed with the world's largest condom. The Helms Foundation further determines procreating cosplay robots caused a new sexually transmitted virus that led to breaks in the pieces of recycled condoms used to make the waterproofing.

Episode 70: Summer Associate's Mother Lives Next to Nuru Massage Clinic

Summer associate's 70 year old boy-friend used to live in a shipping container in the Downtown Los Angeles loft/artist district where he washed dogs in shopping carts that still had welded metal for hot dog cooking. The summer associate shows Gerber a picture from a wrongful termination case by a construction worker who blew the whistle on his employer and called OSHA due to the construction practices. It turns out the building was waterproofed with the world's largest condom.

Episode 69: Dombass Must Give Up Office in Nuru Massage Clinic or go In-House KABC AM790 Comedy

Dombass is asked to be in-house counsel for the nuru massage clinic his office is in the back room of. The incompetent defense lawyer looks for new office space is strange places. This is outrageous, over the top sketch comedy often featuring Rhemus Helms who made his fortune when his genital was infringed. Now he refers Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer utterly bizarre guests.

Episode 68: Nuru Nurse Nazuki's Masseuse Wants Reimbursement for STD Doctor

Workers comp insurance won't cover Masseuse Izuki's STD contracted during nuru massage demonstration involving paying live male model. World Famous Nuru Nurse Nazuki of the Lucky 7 in Tarzana (really Reseda) discusses her courtship with Rhemus Helms, The Most Important Man of Sun Valley, California who made his fortune when his genital was infringed.

Episode 67: Rhemus Helms Funds Sex Olympics

Rhemus Helms discusses the product liability lawsuits on his sex robots, romance with Nazuki the World's Most Famous Nuru Massage Nurse, and then he moves onto wanting to fund the Sex Olympics. This episode also features comedian Gloria Goddess throughout the show.

Episode 66: Over protective mother under the bed during son's first sexual experience KABC AM790

Outrageous comedy featuring over protective mother who drives her youngest son to his summer job and waits for him at the workplace during his whole shift. In order to make sure things went safely, she was under the covers during her eldest son’s first time. The Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer show is the funniest commercial radio comedy. Heard from 7-8 PM PST on KABC AM790 Los Angeles. This episode also features a comedian near the end who tells a few jokes the characters react to.

Episode 65: Man in 20s who prematurely Aged Fired Over His Hair Style KABC Karl Gerber Work Lawyer

Comedians start this outrageous sketch comedy livestream of Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show, Episode 65 broadcast on KABC AM790 Los Angeles 7-14-19. Heard every Sunday night from 7-8 PM. This funny radio show meanders around employment issues, but is more focused on weird recurring characters disclosing bizarre lifestyles for over the top comedy that tests the bounds of commercial radio.

Episode 64: Sex Robot of Phone Sex Operator Cindy D. is Unauthorized

The most famous English speaking landline phone sex operator Cindy D. is beside herself because Rhemus Helms has made an unauthorized sex robot that is supposed to be her, but bears no resemblance in appearance, voice, or sexual organs with the exception it has the same cup size as her.This show is Episode 64 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. The show was performed live on 7-7-19 KABC AM790 Los Angeles. The comedy lawyer show is heard from 7-8 PM on KABC AM790 and live streamed on this channel. It is always over the top, outrageous comedy on this funny radio show. What are your rights about your employer using your name, or likeness when you work?

Episode 63: Rhemus Helms' sex robots cause earthquakes in Fontana

RHEMUS HELMS, THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN OF SUN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA discusses his courtship of World Famous Nuru Nurse, Nakuzi. He moves onto the 1,000 minor seismic disturbances in the vicinity of his phallic shaped worldwide distribution center in Fontana, California. Dr. Chang of the Helms foundation has determined the earthquakes are caused by plentiful fluids from the Rhemus Helms worldwide distribution center leaking into the groundwater and reacting with magna which does not solely include magna sex robots in the facility where all of the robotic sex dollars are procreating with other bedroom toys in the facility. It is determined Rhemus Helms has made a Cindy D. sex robot without her permission on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on KABC AM790 6-30-19. How could Rhemus Helms do it? This the man whose initial penile seed money came from the infringement of his genial. This outrageous, over the top comedy, Episode 63 is is heard every Sunday from 7-8 PM and live streamed on YouTube.

Episode 62: Famous embalmer Father Rishi Yodinski goes cruising for labor law violations

Episode 62: Father Rishi Yodinski deceives Gerber into going cruising in his 1973 Stutz Blackhawk. In a deserted Gardena business district while waiting for the alleged parade where Myron Alfombra pronouned M'N'M will apologize for trying to overthrow a foreign nation with an overgrowing berber toupee that is actually nylon, they encounter JOJO from Episode 39. When Gerber realizes the whole cruising thing was a rouse they decide to cruise for labor violations. They scare a few people walking the streets before Gerber sees an unlawful tip scheme through a blacked out store front window of FA Chinese Restaurant. Mediators, iron fists, Lemur lunges, and Trump follow.