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Episode 65: Man in 20s who prematurely Aged Fired Over His Hair Style KABC Karl Gerber Work Lawyer

Comedians start this outrageous sketch comedy livestream of Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show, Episode 65 broadcast on KABC AM790 Los Angeles 7-14-19. Heard every Sunday night from 7-8 PM. This funny radio show meanders around employment issues, but is more focused on weird recurring characters disclosing bizarre lifestyles for over the top comedy that tests the bounds of commercial radio.

Episode 64: Sex Robot of Phone Sex Operator Cindy D. is Unauthorized

The most famous English speaking landline phone sex operator Cindy D. is beside herself because Rhemus Helms has made an unauthorized sex robot that is supposed to be her, but bears no resemblance in appearance, voice, or sexual organs with the exception it has the same cup size as her.This show is Episode 64 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. The show was performed live on 7-7-19 KABC AM790 Los Angeles. The comedy lawyer show is heard from 7-8 PM on KABC AM790 and live streamed on this channel. It is always over the top, outrageous comedy on this funny radio show. What are your rights about your employer using your name, or likeness when you work?

Episode 63: Rhemus Helms' sex robots cause earthquakes in Fontana

RHEMUS HELMS, THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN OF SUN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA discusses his courtship of World Famous Nuru Nurse, Nakuzi. He moves onto the 1,000 minor seismic disturbances in the vicinity of his phallic shaped worldwide distribution center in Fontana, California. Dr. Chang of the Helms foundation has determined the earthquakes are caused by plentiful fluids from the Rhemus Helms worldwide distribution center leaking into the groundwater and reacting with magna which does not solely include magna sex robots in the facility where all of the robotic sex dollars are procreating with other bedroom toys in the facility. It is determined Rhemus Helms has made a Cindy D. sex robot without her permission on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on KABC AM790 6-30-19. How could Rhemus Helms do it? This the man whose initial penile seed money came from the infringement of his genial. This outrageous, over the top comedy, Episode 63 is is heard every Sunday from 7-8 PM and live streamed on YouTube.

Episode 62: Famous embalmer Father Rishi Yodinski goes cruising for labor law violations

Episode 62: Father Rishi Yodinski deceives Gerber into going cruising in his 1973 Stutz Blackhawk. In a deserted Gardena business district while waiting for the alleged parade where Myron Alfombra pronouned M'N'M will apologize for trying to overthrow a foreign nation with an overgrowing berber toupee that is actually nylon, they encounter JOJO from Episode 39. When Gerber realizes the whole cruising thing was a rouse they decide to cruise for labor violations. They scare a few people walking the streets before Gerber sees an unlawful tip scheme through a blacked out store front window of FA Chinese Restaurant. Mediators, iron fists, Lemur lunges, and Trump follow.

Episode 61: Retro Cruising Van Nuys Blvd.

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 61 Father's Day Special - Retro Los Angeles cruising on Van Nuys Boulevard, Whittier Boulevard, and Hollywood Boulevard. The Saugus Speedway, San Fernando Speedway, dragsters, rodsters, hot rods, Tony Nancy's Bitchin' Stichin', classic cars. Muscle, mopar, low riders, vanspolitation movies, and The Gerber Boys talk about career goals.

Episode 60: Famous Landline Sex Phone Operator (Cindy D.) Interview KABC AM 790 Los Angeles 6-9-19

Episode 60 in Which Cindy D., the Most Famous Telephone Sex Operator, discusses a two girl Muscular Dystrophy Fund Raiser she did in Delicious Devine's bedroom, and her hire back at Underground Operators where she now illegally receives a less than minimum wage because she receives a percent of the customer's spend for each phone sex call. The 25% tariff on landline phone sex operators in China and Mexico is thoroughly covered, but we missed the boat on comparing and contrasting landline phone sex lines and the price of plantain under Fidel Castro. The Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard every Sunday from 7-8 PM on KABC AM 790 Los Angeles. The most outrageous sketch comedy on commercial radio

Episode 59: Aging Child Actress Later in Rhemus Helms Porno Accused of Not Aging Gracefully

Recorded on KABC AM790 Los Angeles 6-2-19, the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. The law is real, the hilarious comedy is not. Angel had bit parts during the late 1960s and early 1970s, and never moved on. She carries an advertisement from a pre-1975 free newspaper (the Recycler) in which she can barely be seen. Unquestionably, she has not aged gracefully. Notwithstanding, was it age discrimination for her manager to agree? Take this journey in retro sketch comedy with a tinge of employment law. Program airs every Sunday from 7-8PM and is live streamed on Youtube.

Episode 58: Dombass and the Mayor of Simpleton

Karl Gerber is concerned the incompetent employment defense lawyer Dombass showed up to the studio because the Mayor of Los Angeles is scheduled to come in. The mayor shows up. Gerber challenges his absence one out of every three days during his first term and the homeless crisis. After Gerber gives a Helms foundation's five billion in funding and 14 inches of endowment sponsorship plug, the situation begins to degenerate, but the mayor agrees to stay to talk about trade tariffs and the effect on Port of Los Angeles jobs, the MTA, and teacher's pay, but Gerber challenges the mayor's prep school background and tenuous claims about being Mexican. Dombass wants to talk about the OJ Simpson trial, but the mayor declares it passe. Gerber and Dombass can't hold it together, and the mayor flips them off after it is determined he is really the Mayor of Simpleton, he's a simpleton, and Gerber cannot fact check a single guest. This hoax comedy was broadcast live 5-26-19 on AM790 KABC. The Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer who is sketch comedy, of the outrageous fashion broadcast from 7-8 PM every Sunday.

Episode 57: Ambiguous European Hair Stylist Has Woman Wash Clients' Big Toe & Has Dying Customers

Sasha is a tenant at a tiny hair salon with a lady who kneels in front of the toilet where customers sit when their big toes are washed. Mediators standing outside in trench coats are available to close all negotiations for the price of salon services which are always negotiated. Sasha is Eastern European, but denied being from every country in Eastern Europe. Star Bright calls in to report a major development in the dynamic new field of sanitary napkin database management. The script takes a bathroom break. Sasha loses her ambiguous European accent and it becomes apparent she is an American hick notwithstanding her earlier claim she would not qualify for admittance into the US with the new proposed immigration policy even though she doesn't pay taxes, but rather because she cannot speak English well. This outrageous, hilarious, over the top comedy sketch was done live on KABC AM790 5-19-19 with two people who used all types of voices.