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10 comedic characters and Karl Gerber. Never before have all these cast members appeared on the same episode of this show. This show features Cindy D., the Most Famous English Speaking Landline Phone Sex Operator in the World, World Famous Nuru Nurse Nazuki, Rhemus Helms, THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN IN SUN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA who made his initial penile seed money when Karl Gerber did not get him $200.1 Million when his genital got infringed. Mindy Goldman, The Over Protective Mother who hid under her son's bed during his first time, Dombass the incompetent employment defense lawyer whose desk is in the parking of the Lucky 7, Tarzana (actually Reseda) Nuru Massage Clinic, Dr. D. the mother of Cindy D. and bio-engineer of the world's first genitals (although unmounted), Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but Spelled M'N'M hacks into the show, Reverb the ASMR Whisper Porn Legend, the Solider whose suffered a minor sexual injury that turned into a major sexual injury after he got stuck in the not very accurate Cindy D. sex robot, and Jamie the licensed general contractor who used the world's largest condom to perform subterranean waterproofing on a mixed use project. This is a show finale featuring the hottest comics and voice actors in Los Angeles. Nazuki discusses curbside service nuru massages underneath thin painter's plastic in the parking lot of the Lucky 7 Tarzana.

Mindy Goldman, the overprotective mother, wants to put a hit out on her eldest son's girl-friend. Rhemus Helms claims he has made a deal with the man tying up the White House wherein the Helms Corporation will manufacture a combination valium and malaria pill that will cure the Coronavirus. Helms is delighted the buyer does not believe in science because he must have doubts. He also discusses how all of the cosplay characters on his ranch are quarantined to their own rooms, and he sleeps alone on his mile long bed at the Rhemus Helms, Cosplay Ostrich Ranch in Sun Valley, California. Cindy D. discusses her belief one of her elderly landline phone sex clients died during her call (perhaps due to excitement perhaps due to the virus) but then the customer seemed to be resurrected by Reverb's magical voice and now this elderly man has switched to ASMR whisper porn. Gerber reports there are rumors of murder which turn out to be the Coronavirus magnified by negligence, imcompetence, and narcissism. He also wants to dispel a rumor that the nuru nurses at the Lucky 7 Tarzana are immune, and he is concerned the ever growing berber toupees that are actually nylon are being used by men with hair who have lost their haircuts during the stay at home orders. Nazuki claims she is opening a new nuru massage clinic in Chatsworth, and Dombass mentions there is a payphone in the parking lot of the Lucky 7 Tarzana where he has his desk. This was an improv, blow out episode. The show will go on a brief hiatus from the radio recording with a few episodes for the internet before moving to one of Los Angeles' major FM radio stations! This is the broadcast from April 18, 2020 at 7PM on KABC AM790 Los Angeles, the last episode of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show on KABC before the show moves to another radio station once the Coronavirus blows over! ⇧ Collapse ⇧

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Update on Nuru Massage Clinic & Toupee Spread Coronavirus Comedy - Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show

Update on Nuru Massage Clinic's Operation during Coronavirus by Dombass whose office remains in the parking lot of the Lucky 7 Tarzana. He explains the nuru nurses who are the tenants (mis-classified employees) are now having the girlfriend experience with doctors who have become tenants because they don't want to infect their families. These are doctors Dombass incompetently used the same wills for each of them. He also explains he is now a member of a condo association in a building that had not been occupied since the Spanish Flu in 1918. The Soldier Sargent Captain Joe Friday storms into Gerber's office and keeps a 14 foot distance. The Soldier has not been away from Quinoa in 14 days whose orgasm disorder is back on track for more than 180 a day being that the Soldier has lost the 1.5 centimeter stand-in the evil Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but Spelled M'N'M did the evil bate and switch on after the Soldier's minor sexual injury from the battle of the sex robots became a major sexual injury because he went to the apprentice embalmer because he was a Republican who did not believe in medical insurance. This political comedy heats up when Myron Alfombra Pronounced Matting, but Spelled M'N'M calls into Gerber's office. He reports the Coronavirus styled ever growing berber toupee that is actually nylon makes the wearers itch which is the case with all of the ever growing berber toupees that are actually nylon.

Alfombra claims he will be on TV within an hour being referred to as a, "Good Man" by the disreputable, irresponsible leader of the United States who Alfombra does the three trim plug on. Alfombra claims he will tout his ever growing berber toupees which he claims go far to advance the Coronavirus. Gerber becomes dissatisfied with the moronic nature of the guests, and the lack of America to have a stable, competent government where instead there is an uncontrollable health crisis, economic stop, and a lack of supplies in the supply chain. Gerber declares he will move to Canada until better leadership returns to the United States despite the fact he deeply loves Los Angeles and California. This is the edgiest comedy broadcast anywhere. This is Episode 105 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show presently broadcast on KABC AM790 Los Angeles. Broadcast date April 5, 2020. This is a weekly scripted radio show that deals with the most current societal and political issues in an absurd way. ⇧ Collapse ⇧

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Strange Women Comedy KABC - ASMR Whisper, Adult Phone Operator & Mom - Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer

New content comedy! Everybody needs a laugh now. ASMR Whisper P Legend Reverb, Erotic Phone Operator Cindy D., Mother Dr. D. the genetics inventor of bio-engineered sex organs with Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer on Episode 104 broadcast on KABC AM790 Los Angeles March 28, 2020. The world needs a laugh right now. Tune in! Reverb is dating in the age of the Coronavirus and the six foot rule. On a show sponsored by Rhemus Helms, these characters observe the 14 inch rule. We learn that reverb's new boy-friend, an animal impersonator, lays on her bed and she's on her closet shelf 14 foot away making him finish with the sound of her voice. Otherwise, she's up in the rafters of the garden show and he's down below. We learn Cindy D. is self-quarantining for 114 days after coming off the nasty cruise ship she spoke about on Episode 99. Her husband Cemex is off as a concrete foreman because he doesn't want to touch other mens' tools which Gerber tells him he shouldn't be doing because as a union foreman he is not supposed to.

Cindy D. has to work and she can't do her calls at home with her eight year old genius daughter home and Cemex so she's at her mother's house Dr. D. Dr. D. is off work because Dr. Chew is the essential employee. Dr. D. misses the genitals at her lab and believes the Federal Families First Coronavirus Pay Act won't do her that much good because she earns more than $511 a day. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer is grateful these strange women called into the show. The show ends with dialogue from the stupidest things Trump said all week. This is the hippest, craziest weekly comedy show in America. Get in on it before YouTube takes it off this channel because their bots think it is a visual display of nudity (this is sound radio broadcast on a conservative talk radio station if you can believe it). ⇧ Collapse ⇧

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Nuru Massage Clinic Takes Coronavirus Precautions - Comedy KABC Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer

Comedy, World Famous Nuru Nurse Nazuki talks about the precautions her nuru masseuses have taken due to the Coronavirus. They started out wearing normal face masks. They graduated to respirators. Ultimately, they settled on goggles and masks being fed clean air. Their protective gear also includes wetsuits with holes cut out on the bottom. She also discusses how her business has been price gouged on lambskin condoms. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer explains there is a Penal Code in California that prohibits raising prices more than 10% during an emergency. Nazuki claims that in order for Gas Company bill payments to be accepted at the Lucky 7 Tarzana, she has to keep Excel spreadsheets of the prices of lambskin condoms since 1995. Anti-Asian discrimination is also covered. Nazuki moves onto how Rhemus Helms' sex robots are better than smart phones because they are capable of streaming on the internet. Accordingly, many people order toilet paper off Amazon from the sex robot.

They then move onto the need for the Nuru Nurses to be drug testing in the beginning of their employment. The basis for the drug test might be the Nuru Nurse cannot be using mind altering substances because there nuru massages are very slipper and things could go in the wrong place. This is black comedy, but it covers important societal issues and makes people think about hard questions and issues about what is going on in the world. This is the livestream edition of Episode 102 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show heard on KABC AM790 in Los Angeles 3-14-20. ⇧ Collapse ⇧

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Woman sings one second one word songs to marijuana plants for better growth – Comedy KABC

Plant singer gets between gigs on a hamster wheel or scooter. She also Christmas carols on Easter. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyers asks her if the tips she receives are more to get rid of her than anything else. The singer is somewhat disappointed a lot of the demand for plant singing is in the marijuana cultivation industry where she often falls asleep singing Senate Publishing's one word one second songs to marijuana plants. Is this weed map humor? However, she does go between highrise office buildings and the 420 industry singing to plants. Should she come to the Sweetwater 420 festival? The overprotective mother from Episode 66, Mindy Goldman who hid under the bed to make things went safely during her eldest son's first time appears in the last segment.

Mindy was prepared to use the lethal butt maneuver Sargent, Captain Joe Friday (whose genital was stolen) has been teaching to women with the right shapes. Mindy accuses the plant singer of making a fig plant die, but Gerber cross-examines her and she admits the plant was near death when the plant singer was brought in to save it. This is crazy comedy as heard weekly on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show on AM790 Los Angeles. This is Episode 100 broadcast March 7, 2020. ⇧ Collapse ⇧

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Cruise Ship Disaster- Millenials, Baby Boomers, Marijuana, and Adult Party Line Savior- Comedy KABC

Cindy D. the Most Famous English Speaking Landline Phone Sex Operator is hired to provide a retro experience for the millenials on a cheapvacationrental cruise. The ship is split between millenials who have interior staterooms full of selfie props. The baby boomers have rooms with balconies and ocean views. The Millenials overrun the pot dispensary with their app orders. The baby boomers who were sold the concept of having the ship to themselves because the millenials would stay in their rooms, are beside themselves with baby problems they cannot cure with the 420 experience. The baby boomers resort to LSD. After the dysentery outbreak, and all electricity being lost other than that which powers landlines, the baby boomers help the mellianials build tents on the poop deck. Many of the baby boomers learned how to make freedom quilts when they were incarcerated for Vietnam Era issues. Several millenials attempt suicide because they cannot use their smart phones. A former Vietnam Veteran jumps into the pool and saves their lives (millenials can't swim). He calms them down with LSD and asks them to imagine they are on their smart phones. Cindy D. tries to calm the passengers down with phone sex.

Because Cheapvacationrentals never paid Cindy D.'s employer she asks Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer if just because her employer did not pay her she does not have to be paid. Cindy D. also discloses she was doing her phone sex calls from the employee lounge which caused most of the employees to be neglectful of their duties. In the final segment of the show her mother, Dr. D comes in to discuss her research bio-engineering genitals and all hell breaks loose. It is discovered a box of the product fell out of Dr. D.'s car and is causing a SIG alert. This is Episode 99 broadcast 3-1-20 on AM790 KABC Los Angeles. In response to this episode a number of professors and commentators stated that they thought this show is the best representation of current cultural commentary. Tune in on this channel or listen on KABC AM790 Los Angeles to the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. This is the most outrageous comedy being broadcast on commercial radio. ⇧ Collapse ⇧

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