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Employment Discrimination Wrongful Termination Lawyer - Karl Gerber, KABC

Employee lawyer Karl Gerber discusses the various forms of employment discrimination that may create a case for California workers. This is from a broadcast on KABC AM790, Los Angeles on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. Karl Gerber has represented employees since 1993. He handles lawsuits for age discrimination, disability discrimination, Family Medical Rights Leave (FMLA), medical condition discrimination, race and national origin, religious, sex including sexual harassment and sexual orientation. Job terminations due to these factors constitute wrongful termination in California. Learn your rights as a California employee, or call 877-525-0700 for an experienced job discrimination and harassment law firm.

Breach of Employee Contract Lawyer - Karl Gerber on KABC AM790 Los Angeles

Experienced employee lawyer for breach of employee contracts that are written, or implied. The Employment Lawyers Group represents California employees on a contingency if their employer breached an actual contract they had with the employee. It is important to let an employment lawyer read the actual contract before rendering advice. Often the contract does not say what the employee thinks it says, or it does not provide the rights the employee believes they have. Employment contracts may involve length of employment, pay, stock options, commissions, or bonuses. Call 877-525-0700 to talk to an experienced employee breach of contract lawyer in California.

Sue for Unreimbursed Employee Expenses - Broadcast on KABC AM790 Los Angeles, Lawyer Karl Gerber

Unpaid work expenses lawsuits are often about cell phones or mileage. Travel expenses may require reimbursement. It is best to talk to an experienced wage and hour lawyer about whether an expense was reasonably incurred for the benefit of the employer and the employer must pay for the expense. Karl Gerber at the Employment Lawyers Group brings class actions for groups of employees not reimbursed for their cell phones. Some of the firm's cases have also involved mileage expense reimbursement. Contact the Californa law firm at 877-525-0700 to start your job expense reimbursement lawsuit today.

Work Lawyer Explains California Work Stress Claims on KABC AM790 - Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer

Workplace lawyer, Karl Gerber, talks about work stress claims in California. He differentiates between harassment that can be sued for and work stress claims. It is important employee obtain relief for their workplace wrongs. It is less important what label is put on the claim. Too many employees think the workers compensation system is bad, and it is sexier to file a lawsuit in civil court for, "Harassment." The employee's ability to file a civil lawsuit for harassment is limited to harassment based upon protected characteristics such as age, health conditions, race, and sex harassment.... Work stress claims filed in the workers compensation system can provide substantial monetary benefits for employees. The attorney fee is lower than a civil lawsuit for actionable harassment. It is also easier to win and collect on a work stress claim filed in the workers compensation system. This talk was part of a radio show on KABC AM790 Karl Gerber did on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyers Show. If you want to pursue a legal case for work stress, actionable harassment, or sexual harassment contact Karl Gerber's law firm at 877-525-0700.

Lawyer for Unpaid Wages - Overtime, Commissions, Meal Breaks, Rest Breaks - Karl Gerber

Experienced wage lawyer, Karl Gerber, represents employees on a contingency if they are owed overtime, commission pay, double time, meal breaks, rest breaks, or any type of unpaid wages in California. Contact our law firm at 877-525-0700 for a confidential conversation in order to start your case. This is part of a radio show broadcast on KABC, Los Angeles radio. Salaried employees can be owed wages too. We are also interested in cases in which employee's overtime rate is calculated wrong. Our law firm also handles class actions for unpaid wages and we seek Private Attorney General (PAGA) penalties.

Sexual Harassment Law by Sexual Harassment Lawyer Karl Gerber - What is Sexual Harassment?

Workplace sexual harassment involves physical and verbal conduct. It also involves written conduct such as text messages, emails, and letters. Sexual harassment must be unwelcome and offensive. While a lot of sexual harassment involves genuine interests to date, have sex, or obtain power sexual harassment in California does not have to relate to sex. The conduct must be objectively offensive to somebody of the age, gender, education, and general experiences of the harassed. Employers are also liable for customer sexual harassment if the employer knows or should have known the customer in engaging the type of conduct. This video is part of a live radio show done by employee lawyer, Karl Gerber, on KABC AM790 Los Angeles in April of 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown in Los Angeles. Karl Gerber has represented employees on a contingency since 1993 with a high win rate.

Wrongful Termination, Unpaid Wage, Workers Compensation Law on Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show

Learn how to sue your employer. Veteran employee lawyer, Karl Gerber, talks about what constitutes wrongful termination and sexual harassment. He also explains the various unpaid wages employees can sue for. There is a brief description about workers compensation. This is an informative episode letting California employees know the reasons they can sue for and attract a contingency lawyer. This is is Episode 106 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show presently broadcast on KABC AM790 Los Angeles.

Biggest Labor Law Issues for California's 2020 Workforce, Minimum Wage - KABC AM790

Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer talks about the biggest legal issues facing California's 2020 workplace. Heard January 18, 2020 at 7 PM PST on KABC Talk Radio AM790 Los Angeles. Gerber believes minimum wage is the biggest problem for the 2020 workplace. He believes there are too many different minimum wage laws depending on what city, county, or special type of job the employer is in. He believes the minimum wage hikes from 2014 to the present are too severe. The new minimum wage hikes have caused employers to drop the hourly rates of employees near minimum wage in order to comply with labor budgets. Many small businesses have closed due to these hikes. Customers have been reluctant to tip well due to these minimum wage hikes. ...Employees who are in tip pools have been forced to share a greater percent of their tips on the basis they are earning more per hour. A live caller called in and said he believed AB5, the new law about independent contractors, was the biggest challenge for the 2020 California workplace. Gerber agreed most people feel that way and it is certainly in the news these days. Some of the legal requirements for independent contractor classifications under AB5 were discussed. This was the first part of Episode 92 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show.

California Gig Economy Worker Law - Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Episode 75 KABC AM790

Workplace lawyer, Karl Gerber discusses the new California gig economy law with firm lawyer, Ann Guleser. Learn about AB5, the new California gig economy law that makes Uber and Lyft drivers employees. Are gig economy companies about to go away in California because they were dependent on sub-minimum wage workers who were inadequately insured? Learn about independent contractor law, the Dynamex case, and more. Karl Gerber and the Employment Lawyers Group has been at the forefront of employee rights since 1993.