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Private parts bio-engineered by Mother of Phone Sex Operator & ASMR Whisper P Legend - Comedy Dr. D.

The dilemmas of stem cell genitals discussed by Dr. D. the mother of Cindy D. the Most Famous English Speaking Landline Phone Sex Operator in the World and the alleged non-biological mother of Reverb the Whisper Porn Legend whose voice makes men spontaneously orgasm. This is a raunchy show. Viewer discretion advised. Dr. D. brings us through the process of bio-engineering a human genital. After the liquids become living organs she explains how lab interns must play with the genitals, exercise them, and strengthen their muscles. Raising a genital is a nurturing experience. However, after inventing non-mounted genitals, Dr. D. is concerned that the owner of the bio-engineering lab, Dr. Chew has become obsessed with profit. The bio-engineered genitals are being fatened up for market; fed all the time. Dr. D. wants Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer to get an injunction to prevent the lab from making anymore genitals. Unfortunately, because her invention was made while she was an employee, her life's work is the property of her employer.

Many novel, probing questions are asked on this show such as how does a young scientist decide they want to devote their life work to bio-engineering genitals. This is the most outrageous comedy broadcast anywhere. This is Episode 98 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. It is scripted on a weekly basis in order to deal with social, political, labor, and sexual issues that are in the news. This is a continuing series involving outlandish guests Rhemus Helms refers to the show. This episode was broadcast 2-29-20 on AM790 KABC Los Angeles. This is the live stream edition which is missing the 3rd segment of the show because KABC ran out of time. This is also a controversial video because YouTube mistakenly thought it was porn even though there are not any images and it was broadcast on commercial radio. You could say this is the banned episode. Tune in on this channel or listen on KABC AM790 Los Angeles to the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. ⇧ Collapse ⇧

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Phone Sex Operator Mistaken as Sex Robot With Corona Virus - Comedy KABC

Phone sex operator Delicious Devine was mistaken as her sex robot who started the Corona Virus while doing obscene things with bon bons in a mobile home in Corona, California. Delicious Devine was on an Italian swinger's cruise ship when got quarantined in Japan. She was contracted with Underground Operators to do Chamber Room phone sex between 10PM to 12 PM every night. They had landlines on every table just like they have at the fancy restaurants like El Pollo Loco and Norm's. Why Delicious Devine provided the details from the Cindy D. rerun phone sex calls so Rhemus Helms could make the Cindy D. sex robot that got recalled because men got stuck due to the inaccurate description of Scandinavian looking Cindy D. being Asian in a certain place is side issued because the true mystery becomes whether Delicious Devine is a black woman or a white woman. At first Gerber says he cannot tell because race makes no difference. However, Delicious Devine certainly sounds and identifies as being black. She claims she was a poor white girl born into an all black family of sharecroppers, but then she discloses her brother was also white and was called, "The Jerk." We also hear Delicious Devine's stateroom was surrounded because she could be heard doing landline phone sex calls for the quarantined swingers two hours a day, and otherwise talking dirty to her husband Earl the other 23 hours during the day. Delicious Devine turns out to have more character than any character, and she is 100% natural woman! This is a non-stop hilarious comedy. Yes, some will be offended, the worthy stuff always has that effect. This is Episode 97 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast at 7 PM PST 2-22-20 on AM790 KABC Los Angeles.

Episode 96: Genital infringement, genital theft, sex robots, Bloomberg vs. Trump

Former porno star funds Michael Bloomberg's Presidential Campaign as payback. Rhemus Helms claims his genital was infringed 11-23-93 when Michael Bloomberg offered to buy his porno production and distribution company for an inflated price and then invited him to the Rhemus Helms Toast of New York City party in a building associated with an impeached politician. Rhemus Helms claims it was there that the impeached political figure held out a resin mold that Rhemus Helms' endowment just happened to find its way into. The mold was then sold to Adin and Elvira for five or ten million which was used to pay off casino debts. Everybody knows Rhemus Helms called Karl Gerber for legal advice prior to suing when his genital was infringed. Although Gerber claims he turned down the case Rhemus Helms repeatedly claims Gerber got him his initial $200.1 penile seed money. It is suggested on Episode 96 that Rhemus Helms may be pooling his billion dollar fortune, which puts him as the richest Californian, with Michael Bloomberg as payback due to the infringement. This is Episode 96 broadcast from KABC AM790 Los Angeles 2-16-20. This is a special show time to present a new audience the crazy comedy of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. We will hear from an alleged career, job, and recruiting expert whose office is within walking distance to Rhemus Helms' cosplay ostrich ranch. The Solider barges in to talk about being reunited with his genital. Dombass the incompetent employment defense lawyer stinks up the room. Sex robots, the defensive butt maneuver being taught in Encino California, the New Hampshire Primary and other topics of importance besides Karl Gerber having what it takes to become a funeral makeup artist are discussed on this over the top political and social comedy. This program is scripted every week and broadcast on a conservative talk radio station as the ultimate farce. It has a worldwide audience with approximately 80% of the internet audience listening outside of the United States.

Ghost Kitchen Serves Sperm - Comedy KABC AM790 Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show

Female celebrity chef infuses gourmet food with semen, and makes fried silk worms in a ghost kitchen in Hollywood. Sunny explains that sperm is readily available in most homes and restaurants. She claims customers are not expected to go into the bathroom with petri dishes. Karl Gerber is skeptical this is anything short of perverted. Sunny has never met the the kitchen's owner Eidolon, but reports an employee of a nearby coworking kitchen is sexually harassing her. Apparently vegans drink crazy amounts of beer so the vegan kitchen down the hall often borrows or buys beer from Sunny's kitchen. Puchito Anderson from the vegan kitchen thanks Sunny for the beer by giving her tofu shaped penises. The owner of Sunny's kitchen, Eidolon hears about the sexual harassment and decides to scare Puchito. Afterwards Puchito vanishes. Sunny wanted to alert Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer to her suspected whistle blowing lawsuit because she complained the food she prepared was too airy, and it seemed like it wasn't there, but she knew she prepared it. Sunny becomes convinced the kitchen isn't just a coworking kitchen; it is a real ghost kitchen. This is consistent with nobody being able to find the kitchen during the day, and none of the shifts starting or ending during day light. Karl Gerber is skeptical of these claims and agrees to take a ride sharing service to the location of the kitchen. He suspects Sunny's programming while pretending to date a Scientologist actor in Los Angeles might be the cause of Sunny's strange believes. When Sunny and Gerber arrive at the kitchen's location on a Saturday morning it is an empty lot. Not until sunset is the building that houses the kitchen evident. Episode 95 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast live on KABC AM790 Los Angeles at 10 AM PST on 2-8-20. Imagine waking up to this weekly, continuing, and inter-related radio comedy series. This is the funniest comedy on radio. It deals with the very now and is scripted and performed weekly before a live radio audience in Southern California and a burgeoning international internet audience of which the United States comprises only 20%.

Sex robot started Coronavirus in mobile home - KABC AM790 Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer Show Comedy

Sex robot did something obscene with bon bons and started the Coronavirus when Cheapvacationrentals.com tried to use the Delicious Devine sex robot to clean their rentals which included a mobile home in the Corona Mobile Estate Park. Delicious Devine is the supervisor of the most famous English speaking landline phone sex operator in the world, Cindy D. In earlier episodes we heard how Delicious Devine and Cindy D. did a two girl phone sex show and raised quickly raised a large amount of money for muscular dystrophy. We have also heard Delicious Devine's husband keeps her in bon bons because he enjoys her plus size figure. Episode 94 was heard at 10 AM PST on KABC AM790. You will learn how the Coronavirus originated in a mobile home park in Corona, California when the sex robot of Delicious Devine did something obscene with bon bons when she was supposed to be cleaning a short term vacation rental. Drexel Cunningham, the owner of cheapvacationrentals.com got a used Ford 15 passenger van that used to belong to a church, and rounded up 15 recalled Delicious Devine sex robots at the One Dollar and Fourteen Cent Store because his cheap vacation rentals had never been cleaned before. After the sex robots cleaned each other out, they were supposed to go to work cleaning the short term rentals that can be rented by the half hour if somebody needs a local toilet after a buffer and before say a swim party at a friend's house. Guests get credits and save money if they let the bathrooms get rented for a short period of time, or a senior uses the bedroom, when the regular guest goes out to dinner, after the senior has used world famous nuru nurse, Nazuki's nuru massage app for seniors to order up a nuru massage. This is the craziest comedy being produced on a weekly basis as well as the most outrageous comedy broadcast on commercial radio. This show is the first to deal with bizarre topics such as the whole yoni experience, the yoni massage, and yoni steaming which Gwyneth Paltrow is now covering on her show Goop. This is episode 94 of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show broadcast live on KABC AM790 Los Angeles at 10 AM PST on 2-1-20. Imagine waking up to this weekly, continuing, and inter-related radio comedy series. Although one woman complained, the live stream version was well listened to and so was the radio show. This could be the best parody on short term vacation rentals, and a very funny Coronavirus parody.